San Jose Sharks Take The W Against Calgary Flames At SAP Center

December 29, 2017

Thursday, December 28

The Yay Area is being good to me. Still working. Still twerkin’. Here’s your daily dose of motivation from me (and Diddy).

Every time I come home, I’m extra af and look up all the concerts and sports games taking place in the short time I’m here. I can’t say I love the Sharks and I know much about them, but I am a die-hard Bay Area sports fan. So I think I get a pass. Plus, I grew up at this venue. RIP HP Pavilion, I hated the name change to SAP Center. Not sure why lmao. Tonight, the San Jose Sharks were taking on the Calgary Flames. I definitely thought the C stood for Canada up until now when I Googled it. Smh. I feel like a poser but honestly, hockey games are a blast.

The game started at 7:3opm and I literally must have spent a solid 30 minutes trying to find parking. There was no way in hell I was paying $25 lmao nope. I won’t do it. I actually spent so much time squeezing into a meter spot, and when I went to pay, the screen said $20. BLASPHEMY! I was trippin’. I thought LA was bad… San Jose is wildin’ lmao. So of course, I make a few more rounds and actually ended up finding a rare spot smashed between two cars on a curb right out front that wasn’t a meter spot. FREE. “Lifestyle” by Rich Homie and Young Thug came on in this very moment. I was thriving.

So, the story goes. My babygirl Danielle was mobbing with her entire family (8 total). They legit had an entire row in the uppers lmao. My homegirl (s/o D) actually came through with 2 tickets last minute, but she couldn’t go. And that left me with no one to roll with. So fucking sad actually lmao if we’re being real. A free Sharks game? What’s wrong with everyone lmao. Not to throw shade, but I feel like in LA, I could have definitely recruited someone last minute. The majority said they were too tired, which blew my mind. Going to sports games takes no effort IMO, but I also do the most. The only thing that sucked was parking but other than that, I pull up and walk to their seats in less than 5 minutes. And yes, I worked today too. But all good, I’m just glad I could meet the fam. They are the fucking sweetest.

Definitely had to move a solid 5x but I’m used to it lmao. The pros and cons of hustling your way through life. I LOVE the Bay lmao. My homie texted me later that night and was like “damn you’re reppin’ the bay hard.” Facts. I remember when I hit the Drake & Future show here, and Future came out in a Sharks jersey. That shit was so lit. Everyone in attendance tonight had on Sharks gear. That was low key my favorite part. Usually, there’s like a good percentage of the opponent’s fans putting on for their team. This was Sharks territory.

I was able to sit with them for the majority of the game, but eventually, all the seats filled up. That lead me to move to the section over, where I sat dolo and people watched the entire time. No shame lmao (well I watched the game too). But I think that’s like an actual thing — people watching. I used to have a client who would go to Venice Beach to people watch for hours every weekend. There were so many kids surrounding my every gaze, and they all had iPhones. Most were playing games. Next to them were their cute parents: half watching the game, half just enjoying life. Man, goals lmao. I would love to get season tickets to the Dubs when I’m older. And then I’m like shit. I’m 27. That’s old lmao.

I’m annoying and leave games before they fully end and I totally missed the shootout! Tear. I love shootouts too. Flashback to The Mighty Ducks movie. That was life lmao. But the game ended with the Sharks winning 3-2. Really had a hard time following the players (I only know Thornton), but hockey is so fun to watch. You literally follow the puck as it gets passed from one end to the other. You get excited, 90% of the time for nothing. You watch the offense fire shots directly at the goalie to catch or block. I swear. That was my mood the entire game. Like WHY ARE THEY SHOOTING DIRECTLY AT THE GOALIE?

I realize it’s way harder than it looks lmao. I can barely ice skate… but anyways. #SharksForLife. Randomly went on a run later and couldn’t feel my hands. But this song is life. Mr. Hudson (and Vic Mensa) is life.

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