Los Angeles Clippers Vs. Charlotte Hornets & The Trap Gala On New Year’s Eve

January 1, 2018

Sunday, December 31

Mood af! New Year’s Eve, back to LA I go.

Landed in Burbank and a quick stop at home before the Clippers vs. Hornets game at Staples Center. Tip-off was at 4pm, which is totally not normal, but totally amazing. It gave us the entire night to turn up (or turn down). Also, I literally just saw the Warriors lost to the Hornets on Friday at Roaracle. Sad day. This was revenge.

PSA, totally a Dubs fan, but Clippers games are SO fun. We enter Staples Center only missing a few minutes of the first quarter. Fire. I used to come to games at damn near halftime because of LA traffic — the perks of living downtown. Lifehack: get tickets on Stubhub and sneak down into the lowers. My go-to every time. We literally went for 10 bucks. And shout out to Frenchy for being the illest Clippers host to ever do it! I loved seeing him in action tonight. I was like, “I know him!!”

Shout out to my babygirl V for the invite. I absolutely adore her. Her player is Kemba Walker on the Hornets, who an old friend of mine used to love also. I’m a fan by default. He’s actually really good, but Blake is better lmao. I just hella miss Crawford and Cp3. They were the squad (along with DeAndre Jordan). Also, there was another wedding proposal tonight on the big screen but we deadass could not figure out if the girl said yes. She just stood there and didn’t do anything when the dude was down on his knee. So awkward.

I swear every time I hit a game, I fall in love and have this inner desire to work for the NBA. Similar to the Dubs game, the two teams were pretty close the entire game, although the Clips needed this W to have a better standing to make playoffs. And they succeeded. At halftime, which surprisingly came in the form of a dog show, we mobbed to section 119. Shout out to Victor for the upgrade. He’s not only Lou Williams’ cousin, but his personal chef. So lit lmao. My other girl was literally courtside, like the very front row. I was like damn lmao. Money moves.

This moment was too real lmao. I typically love the Kiss Cam too, shit’s so entertaining. They literally put the camera on a random couple and half the time it’s cute af, and the other half it’s just awkward. Victor and I made onto the Jumbotron because they shot a couple behind us. It was my 3 seconds of fame. I had like 4 people hit me saying they saw me too. I was low key hyped.

We stayed until the very end. We had to. Lou Williams did amazing and Evans became my new fav (he’s a rookie). It was a trip to see Dwight Howard on the Hornets too. Btw, they used to be the Charlotte Bobcats. It even said the Bobcats on our tix (via Seetgeek), which tripped us out. They need a system upgrade.

And NYE is here. The forever question: what to do on New Year’s Eve? Tonight, my homegirl from the Yay was visiting so I actually had to go out lmao. Otherwise, I’d def be chillin’ like a villain. But we actually had a lit ass night. No regrets heading into 2018.

Introducing, the Trap Gala. I had no idea what to do tonight until Dale hit me with this link. Shouts out to him. 3 things that sold me: the word “trap,” hookah, and The Parlor. This venue on Melrose, the busiest street in West Hollywood, is definitely a hot spot in LA. I first came here for sports games, watching the Hoosier play (I lived with 4 girls from IU). It’s a bar/lounge with an outdoor patio, fire pits, dance floor, full bar, water lmao. I love when they provide free ice water at bars, I swear.

Got litty with my baby mama Kendall — shouts out to her for spending the lovely evening with me. We enter the premises a little after 10pm, after trying to decide if 10pm was too early to show out. It was lmao but soon enough, more and more people showed and the event turned into a function. As with any lituation, the DJ is the gamechanger. Shouts out to DJ BowTieFly and DJ SB. Not sure which was throwing down all the old school trap shit, but it was pure gold. Not this “Gucci Gang” shit, but actual turn up records you can twerk to.

There was also a lovely run of Bay slaps during the evening, which included E-40 and D-Lo. Happy New Year in full effect. And congrats to the team on the sell out. There was a point in the evening where I just look into the crowd and everyone was genuinely having a good ass time. It was dope.

Our next destination turned out to be the perfect after hours. This was Budspot’s Beta Launch Party, “celebrating a new year of opportunity!” We literally pulled up at 1:45am and I asked some randoms leaving if it was worth going in. They said yes lmao so we SKRTed up to the front door. We meant to come before midnight, but Trap Gala was getting more and more lit, so we counted down there. Good thing this was going until 3am, I definitely just wanted the free bud lmao. And I came up on a j. So winning.

Cannabis is about to take over society. The party actually took place in this extravagant house in I don’t even know what part of LA. I wanna say the Hollywood Hills. But everything was within my 15-minute radius, so I was happy lmao. There was free alcohol, free vape pen samples, and free good vibes, along with cute decorations in full New Years spirit. Tonight was the night I realized Drake is running the rap game and weed is legal. That is all.

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