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ClassPass Is Changing Lives For The Better

January 4, 2018

Tuesday, January 2

And here we are. After over a year of eyeballing and contemplating ClassPass, the day has come. I have officially signed up for this amazing membership and I could not be happier. As stated in their Instagram bio: “Thousands of classes. One pass. Access the largest network of fitness studios with ClassPass.” Self-explanatory.

Basically, you get to workout at almost any and every studio in your city (minus SoulCycle. I discovered that early on) for an incredibly low price. Honestly, the cost is so low, it almost makes up for itself after just one class. There’s a deal right now for $9. That’s honestly less than a meal. Me, personally, I signed up for the 2-week trial, which gives you 5 classes total. Obviously, this is for first time-users only. But this is a deal you simply cannot pass up.

Especially for someone who is cheap and LOVES fitness, I found myself reaching new lows when I was caught sneaking into Core Power Yoga classes. Legit caught, blacklisted, and too ashamed to go back (location will remain anonymous). But the best part about signing up is that it’s active instantaneously. I remember when I first signed up for the Moviepass, the actual card took forever to arrive in the mail. I remember being anxious for 3 days straight waiting for it to arrive so I could hit my first movie.

Not only was I able to sign up for a class this very evening, but the process in doing so could not have been easier. There’s a great app you can download straight to your phone, but I got everything I needed from the website alone. Clicking on the Classes tab, you can filter your search by studios, location, activities, time, and date. Contrary to popular belief, I am not tech-savvy. But this was so convenient and easy to maneuver. I literally have no complaints.

It even has this disclaimer when nothing pops up: “If at first you don’t succeed… Reset your filters or search tomorrow’s classes to see more results.” So clutch. I’m never off work until after 7pm so I just filter all the classes after 7:30pm to my surrounding cities. I love being able to see all the options, and the only thing that was difficult was choosing which class would get the job done. The goal? Endorphins. The criteria? As quick as possible.

Cycling it is. Tonight was going to be a quick 45-minute ride at EvolvCycle in Studio City. One of the best parts about this entire experience had to be the parking. It’s in a plaza with Trader Joes and there’s always plenty of spaces. Even during rush hour, cars are moving in and out so you’re bound to find one right outside the studio. Walking inside the beautiful space, I was greeted by a familiar face: Rosaline from UCLA! I was so excited. Turns out, she owns the studio! Girl boss. We were both Philosophy majors, and bonded over our decision to pursue our passion. I couldn’t get over how welcomed I felt and how clean the entire place was. After a quick change into cycling shoes, I made way into into the dark room with all the stationary bikes lined up. 

The 7:30pm ride was taught by Caitie Epsteen, who ended up being an absolute doll. Honestly, cycling is difficult as hell. And every time I go, I dread it. One minute equals one hour in cycling classes, I swear. But Caitie made the entire class worth it. I left feeling exactly how I wanted to feel. The fact that I have so many studios and different fitness activities at my fingertips truly excites me. ClassPass is definitely a win. This is perfect for anyone who needs that extra “umph” to get their healthy lifestyle back on track. 2018, let’s go!

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