Filipino Heritage Night At The Clippers Game f. of Black Eyed Peas

January 9, 2018

Monday, January 8th

Monday mood. Had such a great time last night at Xscape, and was really just motivated to go HAM for the new year. Not for myself, but for everyone around me. I want to step it out this year. I want to work with more talent and more talented people. Let’s go.

Today marks the day before my birthday, the big 2-7. Holy shit. That’s terrifying. I have a phobia of aging, and my depression kicks in hella hard when I think about it. So I try to distract in any way possible. I’m not sure where I saw this flier first, but DJ Eman from Power 106 was going to be hosting Filipino Heritage Night. Side note, I always have a hard time spelling Filipino lmao. Isn’t it “Ph” half the time? But anyways. You know I love the Clippers. Their games make my night every time I go. Basketball is my favorite sport. Also, from Black Eyed Peas was performing. I actually got to interview BEP last year, which was extremely fulfilling. They’re legends.

Tonight, the Clippers were taking on the Atlanta Hawks, and I damn near missed the entire game. I honestly had a rough day, which left me in tears at the dentist. I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to pull it together before the game, which started at 7:30pm. I forced myself to go to yoga and ended up playing catch up with work until 9pm. Poor Noor, she had to wait for me at the game. I felt terrible. I fucking hate making people wait. And I also hate myself because I missed these amazing DeAndre Jordan x DJ Khaled bobbleheads! Like actual tears. I need this in my bedroom. Only the first 10,000 fans got them.

Babygirl was like, “You mean 10,000 fans came?” Lmao. Crying. Staples Center was literally empty. Idk why either. The Clippers are such a fun team to watch. I guess LA is loyal to the Lakers, but it was a Monday night game and tickets were $6 on Stubhub. And it was raining. Why wouldn’t you come through? But anyways. I tried to go track down a leftover bobblehead and failed, but we did come up on some clappers. Team spirit, ftw. We snuck down to like the 5th row, which was pretty epic. Literally, no one cared. Because no one was here lmao. Okay, I’ll stop. We were honestly hella close, which was lit. The closer you are to the court, the bigger the players are. It’s surreal.

The game was so close at the end, it gave me anxiety. We were literally about to go into overtime, when all of a sudden, CJ Williams scores the winning shot (not to be confused with Lou Williams). It was lit. Clippers fans were going brazy. Which warmed my heart lmao, that they’ve got their loyal fanbase. The Clippers mascot was also on one tonight, which put me in a good mood. Not even going to lie. And there was also a Chik-Fil-A cow bouncing around. Man, I need more people to support this team lmao. Or go to games with me. I promise, they’re worth the $10. We were told the Filipino basketball game was after this one, so we lingered around the court until they booted us. It was actually entertaining to see everyone take full advantage of the photo opps lmao, us included. At one point, apl makes his way over towards us for like 2 minutes and everyone FLOCKED. It was intense but made sense. Black Eyed Peas was the culture!

We were all told to meet in Aisle 15, as it was time for the Filipinos to ball. Honestly, it was mayhem for a sec lmao. Staff kept screaming at us to clear the hallways, as if we were blocking something. Nah fam, it’s empty up in this bih lmao. I guess you needed to buy tickets through the website to attend this post-game match, but we just stood there and eventually found a source giving out red wristbands for the free. We in there. They cleared out the entire arena for this lmao so it was literally the players and like 5 rows of people supporting those players. Honestly, shout out to DJ Pjay and all his peoples. They were cracking us up with their commentary. Everyone was trolling. It was great.

The two teams were vs. DJ E-man. Straight up, that’s what the 2 jerseys read lmao. It was cute. I think someone donated them, which is super dope! And shout out to Ros on the court, who put this entire thing together with DJ E-Rock. I actually tried to say hi to her earlier but they wouldn’t let me lmao. She was the only female on the court! Boss babe. The proceeds from this game went to charity, which is really awesome. And shout out to P-Lo on the court reppin’ on E-Man’s team. If I was an artist, I would totally be down to play in these celeb bball games. Look like so much fun lmao. Shout out again to Noor for hanging out with me as I near midnight and have a meltdown. She came through with the positivity energy I so desperately lacked.

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