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Xavier Omar & Sylvan Lacue Perform Intimate Show At ASICS Tiger’s Sound Mind Sound Body Sessions

January 11, 2018

Wednesday, January 10th

Happy Wednesday. Today is Afeni Shakur’s birthday. Tupac’s “Dear Mama” is forever one of the best songs in Hip Hop history. It still gets me today.

Fast forward through an extremely tough day (had to get a root canal re-treatment) and hours in traffic, and we’re here: The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Presented by ASICS TIGER & The River Street Deli team, this was their first ever Sound Mind Sound Body Sessions: an intimate pop-up celebrating the launch of ASICS TIGER’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection. The invite read “Join us for drinks, live music, and special intimate performances by R&B phenom Xavier Omär and newcomer Sylvan Lacue.” I literally just got to link with Sylvan and have been chasing Xavier ever since my homegirl put me on his “Blind Man” record. I was so in.

Shout out to Asics making their comeback. It’s about time! This brand is dope. I used to work at Lady Foot Locker, so I would always have to push these as a running sneaker. Now, they’re diving into more streetwear/lifestyle/fashion — and it’s great. If you paid attention, you’ll notice the invite above says January 11th, which is Thursday. Tonight was the same thing, but this was invite-only. I was so confused for a sec, but then was informed: tonight was the private event, while tomorrow’s is public. Lit. Honestly, there were so many people tonight — shout out to the entire team. They killed this. They had the entire industry out.

I walk inside and immediately see Free behind the DJ booth. It was a family affair already. The event actually took place in several old hotel rooms, right next to Dr. Woo’s tattoo studio. There was an outdoor space, indoor space, and an indoor space inside the indoor space. It was kind of epic. The main room had the most glorious setup of Asics shoes, super attractive to the eye. Tbh, I felt like I was in Urban Outfitters or something. Which is definitely a compliment. Speaking of, God bless the entire River Street Deli team for hooking it up with a pair of shoes. I was so honored and appreciative before I even got them. The middle room also had an open bar and the most mouth-watering chocolate desserts. Honestly, A+ on the event. All the bases were covered, including the good vibes.

The goal tonight was to link with Xavier Omar, and I’m elated we made it happen. Honestly, we had the best conversation (I can only hope he agrees lmao). Huge thanks to Megan and Mike for making this happen. The more I was researching, the more I was fascinated by Xavier’s story. First off, if you haven’t heard “Blind Man,” please do. It’s so fire. And his Pink Lightning EP is even better. When I first heard it, I legit could not stop listening. It touched my soul lmao. R&B saves lives.

I felt so anti-social afterward. I busted out my laptop and started working on the couch lmao. While everyone was enjoying being present in the moment (failing at my New Year’s resolution). Familiar faces just kept filing in and it was honestly so great to see everyone. Eventually, I figured out the performances were happening in the room inside the room. First up was Sylvan LaCue, the one artist the world needs to hear. “Selfish” is a great first record if you need a recommendation. That song speaks for itself. The main room had no service, but this inside room had extra no service lmao. Which was actually kind of dope because all eyes were on Sylvan. He literally had this tiny room packed. And he sounded so good on that mic. This was my first seeing him perform, and I’m definitely impressed (not that I had any doubts).

At this point, I go outside to try to find my girls but failed. By the time I came back inside, I realized I missed most of Xavier’s Omar performance. Noooooo. But honestly the energy inside the room was so on. He legit had everyone celebrating life! It was beautiful. I had FOMO because I couldn’t make his show at the El Rey mid-December (I had Power 106’s Cali Christmas that night). I was just so glad I caught “Blind Man.” Backed by a full band and killer drummer, he sounded phenomenal. I love when people sound better IRL. Major key alert.

And then I had a moment with the valet trying to charge me $22. I almost raised hell. But then remembered I gotta be better. Oh, and the ASICS bag came with a box of incense. BLESS. I love incense so much.

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