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Berner’s “The Big Pescado” Album Listening At Hitman Coffee Shop; Lil Xan & Lil Skies Perform Free Show At Regent DTLA

January 12, 2018

Thursday, January 11th

Happy Thursday. Excuse me as I hit you with my daily dose of motivation. I started school today. And I’m scared af.

Tonight was the night where everybody in Los Angeles just happened to throw their event. No lie, I was like, WHY lmao. I had 3 stops tonight, and the first one was Berner’s The Big Pescado album listening party. If you know me, you know I’m a fan of Bern. More than his music, he’s the shit in the Bay. His Cookies weed/clothing line speaks for itself. I was just at Berner’s Cookies Christmas show in SF over Christmas break. That shit was legendary. He brought out Scott Storch to play “Feelin’ Myself” by Mac Dre on the keys. He also handed out a pound of weed (or maybe it was half?) to a fan in the front row, who was the first in line for the show. The entire night was unreal.

Honestly, I was late to the party. #FOMO lmao. The event was from 7-10pm at Hitman Coffee Shop on La Brea. I’ve actually heard so much about this spot from my girl from the Bay. It’s like a coffee shop, but also a smoke shop. With marijuana being legal now, this makes the most sense. I literally pull up at 9:45pm and enter a room full of smoke. While most people complain, I fucking love this lmao. I was home. Shout out to Pun for the invite, he’s the best ever. Was happy to see Cuban Doll, AD, P-Lo, G Perico, Wiz Khalifa and his gf (Isabel lmao), out supporting as well! It was a family affair.

Scott Storch is a legend. I chopped it up with him earlier, then came back for the flick. I felt thirsty but I had to. It was so smokey inside, but my boy Adam came through with the edit lmao. Scott was posted next to the weed table for most of the night. They were literally handing out free weed. Like, they handed me two nugs and placed them in the middle of my bare hands. I tried to find somewhere to put them, and ending up stuffing them in this jar of what I thought was weed… but was actually chocolate. White chocolate, to be exact. So epic lmao. But also embarrassed because I thought it was a jar of weed. I also was handed Raw paper cones, which is so clutch for someone like me who can’t roll (I hate admitting that).

Adam again with the flick! And shout out to Farid shooting and Dre Sinatra on the 1’s and 2’s. There was also free food out back provided by Trap Kitchen and I definitely left with a to-go plate. This space was seriously perfect for this album listening. I didn’t get a chance to fully listen to the records but definitely excited the project to drop on January 16. Yay Area for life.

The next event I had to stop by was for Wallace‘s birthday. Talk about birthday party goals. The description read: “Not Another LA Party — Celebrating The Birthdays of Mr. McCurdy and Sir Wallace.” I drove 20 minutes to say hi to this fool and he wasn’t even there yet lmao. It was like midnight. But that’s totally me right there lmao I show up hella late. It was another family affair. So many familiar faces and people that I love in one room. This was in the cuts in DTLA, in a dope warehouse. There was an open bar, sounds by Honeycut, live art, and an overall beautiful celebration of life. I also had the pleasure of meeting the other birthday boy, Christian, who was so sweet. There was a huge line to get inside the entire night. They lit.

Next and last stop of the evening: The Regent in DTLA. Tonight was All Def Music and Lyrical Lemonade’s show featuring Lil Xan, Lil Skies, D Savage, and Shoreline Mafia. And it was FREE. All you had to do was RSVP. Huge thanks to Jade for the invite and taking care of me. VIP was gifted one free drink and the whole upstairs balcony. The crazy thing is, I love the floor lmao. I love being as close to the action as possible. Honestly, I fuck with All Def so hard. They’re a branch of All Def Digital, Russell Simmon’s company, and they just really care about the culture like I do. Shout out to Syd, Janessa, and all the good peoples out tonight.

We actually enter the venue around 11:40pm, shouts out to Kalin mobbing with. Honestly, Lil Skies stole the show. “Red Roses” is such a hit record and seeing it performed live tonight was beyond fire. He’s only 19, too — from Pennsylvania. He had his bestie Landon Cube on stage with him and even Adam from No Jumper. The orange confetti was everything. His shirt came off eventually lmao. At first glance, you’ll probably group him as another rapper with face tattoos. But once you actually hear the music, you’re like oh shit. This kid is talented. He also performed “Nowadays,” before handing it off to some kid who took the mic. No idea who it was but he looked young as hell. This lead to some downtime to go socialize and catch up with people you never see outside of events lmao.

I’m wildin’ for this lmao I apologize Lil Xan. But this kid is not even old enough to drink lmao. Jk. Just Googled, he’s 21. Damn lmao I thought it was like 16. But anyways. He came on stage with a lit MCM backpack and Jaguars beanie. He cute though. Like little boy cute — don’t get it twisted. He performed “Wake Up” and had the entire room chanting Xanarchy! Btw, contrary to popular belief, Lil Xan does NOT do xans and actually tells a story of someone who was addicted to Xans and had to quit.

Just listen to “Betrayed.” Listen to the lyrics. This is the record that put him on. Side note, peep the two kids who jump off the stage like they were jumping in a swimming pool lmao I cannot. It’s 2am and I only got home 30 minutes ago. Tomorrow’s gonna suck.

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