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The Flu Could Not Stop Trippie Redd From Performing For His Fans In LA

January 16, 2018

Monday, January 15th

Happy MLK day! Another day, another dollar. Today, I was stoked to finally get Berner in. Idk why I support this man so much, but I’m pretty sure it’s cause he’s from the bay. Also, I truly believe he’s slept-on.

And he’s signed to Taylor Gang. And he smokes fat. I think that might be the criteria to be Shirley’s friend right there lmao. But really, he started his own Cookies strain/clothing line, and it might be one of the best in the states. His new album The Big Pescado is officially out. Go cop that.

Tonight was Trippie Redd’s headlining show at The Novo in downtown LA. If you know Trippie, you know he puts on the most fire performances. The highest of high energies. Shit, he sold out The Roxy at only 18 years old. I got to interview him beforehand, and got real familiar with his mannerisms and sense-of-humor. I remember trying to leave that shit early but it was too damn lit. I literally ended up staying the entire time. All bullshit aside, Trippie Redd is fucking talented.

Shout out to C Wills for keeping ya girl lit. That’s fam. I pulled up around 9pm and found out Trippie wasn’t on until 10pm so I left and came back in lmao. So extra. The lot under L.A. Live is only $5 if you make it under 2 hours. So extra but I saved 10 bucks and that’s all that matters. Shout out to Byze, Reza, and Elliot — they’re the best. An artist can be the most talented on earth, but without a good team, they’re useless. I made it inside 30 minutes before showtime, and was welcomed with the most lit , most turnt DJ opening up. The (very young) crowd was losing their minds. A lotta XXX and a lotta Pump.

Trippie is from the cuts of Ohio, if anyone was wondering. Yes, another kid with face tattoos — but also yes, he’s hella talented. I would say he sounds similar to XXX, who somehow created this hybrid lane of rap, R&B, and rock. Whatever these guys are doing, they’re doing it right. They have cult followings and die-hard fans that I swear would die for Trippie. I figured that out even more while I was in the pit. Bitches were screaming their heads off. Trippie graced the stage with a snippet of “Dark Knight Gummo” featuring Travis Scott. That’s literally my shit.

He also had to let the people know that he was “sick af and his stomach hurt.” Apparently, he had the flu. And honestly, much love and respect to Trippie Redd. Lord knows my ass would be out for the count if I had the flu. Trippie said he was in bed all day trying to rest up so he could perform for them. That’s praiseworthy. He could have easily catted, but he knew he had to do it for his fans. Salute.

“Bust Down” live made the entire evening worth it. This kid got NO shoes on stage lmao. His socks were cute though. They were black-and-white checkerboard print lmao. Our view eventually got blocked by bystanders on the stage, which ruined my shot. So I relocated around to the front, by the photo pit. My secret spot. I also like to be immersed in the action. Surrounding yourself with the energy of the fans changes the entire vibe.

“Fuck Love” by XXXTENTACION is a certified banger. The perfect example of their ability to flex their vocals. Trippie had the lights off for this one. At this point, concert-goers were screaming out names of songs they wanted Trippie to perform. It was very intense lmao but again, another example of his why he had to remain loyal to his fans tonight. They were so here for him. “Poles 1469” was next, a song I fell in love with last time I saw him perform it at The Roxy. All of Trippie’s songs have this trappy vibe/sound you really can’t deny.

“TR666” featuring Swae Lee was and is so fire. Just tried to find it on Apple Music and failed. Good job Worldstar, keeping it exclusive. He then asked who the day 1 Trippie fans were and dropped “Trap Life.” Everyone went brazy, as they did for every song. “Hellboy,” “Early Morning Trappin” featuring Rich The Kid, “No Smoke No Smoke 1400 B.C.”… Trippie got hits.

Bruh. This moment had me so weak lmao. Right as he begins to perform “Love Scars 3,” he jumps into the crowd and it was a wrap lmao. He was stuck there. First off, he did an excellent job tonight of reminding folks he was sick. Which in hindsight is actually really sweet of him, because he doesn’t want them to get sick. This dude was legit stuck on the floor though. He kept saying “Make a circle around me! I’m sick! I’ma pass out! I’m gon’ leave! I wanna perform for y’ll.” Shit was wild. Mostly because it took like 10-15 minutes to get him back up there lmao. Security definitely mobbed. I couldn’t see anything, but I’m sure it was exactly how he was making it seem lmao. Fans were for sure buggin’.

He proceeded to take his shirt off, which had the females screaming. I def took notice of his girlfriend on stage who looked bored out of her mind lmao. I literally was checking if she got excited for ANY of his songs the entire night and I really can’t say she did. Speaking of, they are inseparable. I was in the hallway when he left the dressing room to the stage and they were holding hands per usual. They’re cute. “Romeo & Juliet” was beautiful. That’s one of my favorite songs.

I swear, Trippie Redd was about to fire his DJ lmao. He kept not cutting the music when Trippie would ask him to, and even couldn’t find some records. It was all in good fun though. They were laughing together on stage. He proceeded to play “Fuck Love” again, but the crowd eventually pressured him into playing “In Too Deep.” He was scared to becuase he was sick and didn’t wanna hit those vocals. Again, for the fans. He performed “Deeply Scared featuring UnoTheActivist next before round 2 of “Dark Knight Gummo.”

We head backstage for a quick sec and I saw Trippie stop to take pictures with some fans, even with his sniffles and all. Shout out to artists who understand how much a single photo, which takes 2 seconds, means. I still remember when I interviewed PnB Rock at SXSW and we lost audio the first round, so we had to do the whole 15 minutes over again. So sweet of him.

Also a story: I forgot my wallet at work today and have been driving around with no ID and no money the whole rest of the day. So as I’m trying to exit the lot, I realize this. I proceed to get stuck for like… 15 minutes. I refused to retract my ticket and wait because I worked my ass off to make it under the 2-hour mark. I was deadass asking all the cars that came up behind me if they had Venmo lmao so they could give me cash or some shit. It was mad embarrassing. I went through 5 very pissed off drivers until I found this one angel who sacrificed her card and let me out. Shit, I gave her $6 instead of $5 lmao. I was honestly so grateful.

So that’s my night lmao shout out Trippie Redd. <3

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