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It’s An RnBass Party Went Up At 1720 f. Ye Ali, Garren, Trev Case

January 17, 2018

Tuesday, January 16th

Subtle plug. I was ecstatic that my interview with Joey Badass got published today. Shoummt out to Kevin at Okayplayer for the opp. I was honestly so humbled in this moment. Joey Badass is one of the best Hip Hop artists out right now. Facts.

Fast forward to the evening: “It’s a party it’s a party it’s a party AY.” Cue Waka. I just got home from It’s An RnBass Party, and it was definitely lit for a Tuesday. Do you guys remember how poppin’ that Makonnen/Drake song was? “I got the club going UP. On a Tuesday.” That shit had us legit out on a school night. Now, I’m hurting at anything after 10pm. The function place at 1720, a new venue in the cuts of downtown LA. It was in this abandoned warehouse that was the perfect amount of crowded. The purple lights set the whole mood.  Soon, it proved to be the place to be for the evening.

But mainly, shout out to J Maine for this dope event, and even doper platform. RnBass puts on for all the underground R&B artists in the game. With this dying era of music blogs, this one definitely stands out on top. This is for the culture. RnBass cares about talent and these artists you see are there for a reason. Speaking of, they just re-did the whole site and even started RnBass radio. It’s lit.

Wasn’t even inside yet and already ran into one of my favorites: Garren from South Central LA. Salute to him, he’s been working his ass off on new music. He’s definitely someone you need on your radar. I just saw him perform his first headlining show at Sayers Club in Hollywood and he did amazing. So proud. One of my favorites songs by him is “LA Shit” featuring G Perico. Shit fire. He can sing. Him and his entire squad took over the whole street corner beforehand lmao. It was lit.

We enter the building a little after 11pm and immediately see all our favorites. Shout out to Jake & Papa, Symba, ymtk, and all the dope artists, DJs, producers in the building tonight. The last RnBass event was labeled as a mixer, so it was kind-of forced networking. This time, he really wanted to emphasize the party portion, or the “have a good time and let loose” portion. That was definitely a success in my opinion. The networking came naturally. Everyone was turnt with beers. I have no idea what the bar situation was, but it was definitely poppin’.

Trev Case was up first out of the 3 artists. I actually am not familiar but it seemed like a lot of people were rocking with him tonight. He definitely had my attention. And frankly, everyone’s attention. His hypeman (or whoever he was) gave the most intense intro, threatening us all to fuck with him, OR ELSE. It took about one song to warm up the crowd because soon, everyone was dancing and catching a straight vibe. He also shouted out the Bay, so you already know. Shout out to my girl Edith whom I adore. I found out she was helping manage him. The real ones always find each other in the industry. Fact.

Shout out to J Maine in between sets getting on the mic to hype us all up. He did a great job at that. Garren was next! Let’s go boo. He performed “Conversation” first in his swagged out olive green fit, with no shirt underneath lmao. I had to gas him up. He’s on his way and I’m super excited to see what the future holds. Shout out to babygirl Noor who was my date tonight. I told her she had to pay attention to Garren’s set. Honestly, he sounded fire in that mic. She was an instant fan. He performed “Wrong Way” next and I was totally playing cheerleader in the very front row. He ended his set by serenading the room with an acapella. Vocals, ftw.

DJ A-Ron came on to prep for the headliner: Ye Ali! I love familiar faces. I saw Ye open up for 24Hrs at The Roxy, which was a straight movie. Ye Ali is from Indiana, which is crazy because I used to live with 4 girls from IU. We def had mutual connections before we even met. Was super excited to see him headline this, because it could not have been more fitting. “Wedding Bands” had us all giggin’ like we were married to the money (I wish). He proceeded to give the most HEARTFELT speech about how he started here in LA. I’ma let y’ll experience it IRL when you see him next, cause it’s really special. If you’re passionate about music, you’re going to dedicate your life to it. Ye closed out with “Talk Less,” which samples a classic Ashanti beat. Feeeeels. This tweet is everything lmao. R&B baby-making music.

Music saves lives. Let’s go!

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