#TheBasΞment Brought All The Music Industry Vibes To Los Angeles

January 18, 2018

Wednesday, January 17th

Happy Wednesday! I woke up today feeling mad blessed. I was on my way to interview one of my favorite rappers from the Bay. Mozzy, we love you. The world loves you. I met up with him at the studio to talk about his lean addiction. ICYMI, he recently went on IG to share with the world that he was quitting the prescription syrup. That resonated with me so much.

Mozzy’s one of the funniest, chillest, dopest, just overall amazing street rappers I’ve EVER met, if not the most amazing one. I interviewed him ahead of his sold-out show at The Roxy last time and legit could not get over how comical he was. Above all else, his music just sticks. It gives me hope for real Hip Hop, which speaks on real-life struggles and adversities. Shout out to Dave-O also, they are the shit.

Tonight was another night of events. My first stop was the Soho House in West Hollywood, which gets my fake bougie ass every time lmao. This was a Grammys event focused on diversity titled A Grammys Special. The invite read: “Join dynamic female artists and music producers to talk about empowerment and investment in music today.” The lady at the desk first said they were at capacity, until I pulled up the invite email. It’s crazy how events in LA operate. I definitely felt like I stood out too, in my streetwear varsity jacket and sneakers. Soho House is a much older, sophisticated, wealthy crowd lmao. This was probably another average dinner for them.

I enter an extremely crowded room to find every seat filled, and the leftovers standing in the back. Talk about snooze you lose, I no choice but to join them. The event was from 7-9pm, and walking in at 8pm become more and more regretful as the night went on. They were mid-convo on stage — in a panel moderated by Adrian Sexton (Lionsgate, Participant Media & Endemol Shine) and Reno Logan (Studio Casting Director and Producer for Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Fox Studios). I’m not even going to pretend I had the attention span to follow or figure out which artists they were speaking of lmao. But shout out to BANKABL, an Accelerator for Diversity, for the great event for a great cause.

This next event was one I had in my planner for almost a month now. Shout out to Kate for the invite, I was super excited to see what this was all about! Introducing #TheBasΞment. The E is supposed to be like that lmao. I don’t even know where to find that on the keyboard, but it’s lit. I was sold from the get-go. Imagine a backyard party in Brooklyn, but in beautiful Los Angeles. Even better- imagine all the stale energy and fake small talk at your normal music industry function… GONE. Vanished. There was honestly no room for that tonight. This was a turn up for everyone who works hard and deserves all that’s come their way.

Upon RSVP, you get sent the location. “Please note: Entry is $5 at the door. Food, drinks, live music and vibessss! #CASHONLY‼️” I pull up at 8:30pm, and already see so many familiar faces. They hadn’t even let people inside yet and there was already a huge line forming, which honestly made the event that much more enticing. Similar to last night, this quickly became the spot to be. Everyone from music execs to writers to artists to producers to DJs to hosts… (you get the picture) were in attendance.

The DJ though, shout out to Sean G. Slaps. Not even just the current slaps, but a mix of the old-school gems and new-school gems. He legit has the recipe to get a party lit. As the night went on, more and more people joined the fun. Shout out to the sponsors too. Buffalo Wild Wings were a major hit. The first thing Guapdad 4000 says to me is “Where the chicken at?!” Lmao. He’s wild. The Mezz Vapes were also dope. They had an entire set up outside in the corner. The chicks working it were hella sweet and did an excellent job of organically selling me the product. I guess there’s 75% THC in there? Yeezus. They even had sanitary wipes to clean off the sample vape pens. Gamechanger. Selfie Cookies and HipHopDX were also there. So random lmao.

Also, The Basement had the most fire collab with Champion clothing. The hoodies, the tees — everything was A1. And I actually recognized Maritza from Complexcon! She’s the realist. The event was created by Ericka Coulter and her Instor3 management company. Talk about boss babes. This was their third one, which means they’re definitely doing something right. Each event has about 3-4 performers, whom you otherwise might not be able to see live. I love that. Everyone made their way inside for the first performer, who was this R&B singer by the name of Chris Bloom. Honestly, the energy in the room, the live drums, the white backdrop, the open bar… this was the perfect place for an up and coming artist to really showcase what they can do. Talk about a golden opportunity, this was a room full of music’s top A&R’s and label execs. Let’s go.

I cut out to stop by 93.5 KDAY’s Back In The Day R&B Skate Night at World On Wheels, which proved to be .1 miles away. Probably the only reason I actually committed, because I could not find a SINGLE person I knew who was already going. I pull up and somehow finesse my way inside and past the huge line. APPARENTLY, it was also Ray J’s birthday celebration. Was not ready for this. I’ve never seen so many people in a skating rink… ever. Shit was wild. Also couldn’t locate anyone from KDAY so I spent a solid 2 minutes inside lmao. Shout out to Alan for letting me in without a ticket. They were strict as hell up in there.

Mood af all day.

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