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Evidence Brings Out Slug From Atmosphere At His Sold Out Show At The Roxy

January 26, 2018

Thursday, January 25th

Happy Thursday. The morning started with bringing Scarface to KDAY in the AM. Shout out Lisa and Richie for this, home team strong! Scarface is a Hip Hop legend, and I was so grateful and humbled for this opp. As Justin puts it, “he’s probably in your top 5’s top 5.” I can’t say I’m extremely familiar with his catalog (as much as the other GOATs), but that’s something I can openly admit to. I interviewed him afterward and he was so fucking cool. It made my day.

Shout out to Romeo with KDAY for having him in on the morning show — excited for this! I was a tad late, but the minute I walk inside the studio, it was all jokes. Scarface hails from Houston and is one of the first rappers to come out of the South. Honestly, he was hilarious. He kept calling me “big Shirley” from the sitcom with Raj called What’s Happening!! back in the day. I had never heard of it lmao and we joked about making t-shirts with this chick’s face on it. I was so down.

Fast forward through class (yes I’m in school part-time), and I had to link with Dizzy, IRL. Shout out to Laura for letting me rain on her parade (work space) at B-Real’s studio in downtown LA. She’s literally my favorite. This was B-Real’s Dr. Greenthumb Show exclusively on and (subtle plug). B-Real is another legend in Hip Hop, and this segment where he interviews artists/celebrities in this exotic whip and gets hella high is pure gold.

Especially for Dizzy, who pulls an ounce of weed out of his pocket casually. Nbd. Shout out to Demrick for lacing me with one of his Stoney Point vape pens! I literally was just thinking I needed a new one. So clutch.

Dizzy one of my favs, forreal. Shout out to him and his squad for always blessing us with good energy and good music. I ended up falling asleep later in the evening and missed an event. Smh.

I woke up and busted a mission to The Roxy for Evidence’s release party for his new album Weather or Not. The project literally dropped at 9pm PST, so I was able to bump it on my 30-minute drive over to the other side of the world lmao on Sunset. I love this venue but I hate coming here. Huge congrats to Evidence on the sold-out show, that’s major. He kept reminding everyone that this was the first time he was performing the project IRL (his New York listening party is next week). So honored to witness this. Shout out Lisa and Richie again.

If you guys don’t know who Evidence is, he’s one-third of Dilated Peoples, the Hip Hop group behind “Worst Comes To Worst.” Honestly, if you’re a girl and you’re a Hip Hop head, you probably had a crush on Evidence. That’s bae. He had a really intense press run and I wasn’t able to catch him this time, so I’m just glad I made it out tonight. I physically didn’t think it was going to happen. I walk inside during“Let Yourself Go” and had to ask the person next to me what I missed. Ev took the stage a little over 10pm and had only performed his old solo records so far. Tear lmao those are my fav.

The venue was PACKED. His success from day one until now is so admirable. He performed the title track to Weather Or Not called “The Factory” with DJ Babu behind him on stage the entire time. Also part of Dilated, Babu is another prominent figure in Hip Hop. Dilated Peoples were their own movement. Of course, Los Angeles means special guests. The first was Defari, who he brings out to perform “Runners” off the new project. He gave him his own time to shine after, which had the guy behind me in VIP reciting the verses verbatim. YES HIP HOP. Next, Ev threw it back to some classic shit, performing “Chase The Clouds Away.” I really, really like this song. Listen to the lyrics.

Ev performed “Mr. Slow Flow” next before going back to the new album: “Rain Drops.” Another highlight is when Evi shouted out “Big L, rest in peace,” which had us paying tribute to another one of the greats. Next, he performs “10,000 Hours” produced by the DJ Premier, Lisa’s favorite record on the project. I loved being able to chat with her about our love for the music. It never feels like work in these moments.

Omgggggg. Slug from Atmosphere <3. Another bae in Hip Hop. I realize I sound like a teenage fangirl, and I’m definitely 27. I just genuinely love these artists. They performed “Late For The Sky,” which made my week. “Powder Cocaine” was next, which had Ev joking he was the only one in LA who hasn’t tried cocaine. That’s impressive, especially being in the mix like he is. The crowd had to applaud for that.

Slug and Ev had the most beautiful chemistry on stage, you couldn’t help but smile. I watch my videos over and over all the time. I was honestly surprised how many people were recording tonight, but I feel it. I figure the older the crowd, the less social media. Learning to accept where our generation stands with technology is a constant battle with me, ESPECIALLY since I’m on my phone all day long. Anyways. Shout out to Domo Genesis who opened. He’s part of Odd Future and Ev produced his entire last project. Epic.

Ev exited the stage anti-climatically, which left me thinking he was going to come out with a crazy throwback from Dilated. Negative lmao. Once I realized it was over, I jetted. AND OF COURSE, HE COMES BACK OUT. Le sigh. Thanks Jake for the flick.

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