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dvsn Brings Out PARTYNEXTDOOR During Night 2 Of Morning After World Tour In LA

January 27, 2018

Friday, January 26th

Mood af, all day. The end of the week gets rough, but just happy it’s Friday and we had dvsn to look forward to tonight. If you like R&B, you have to like dvsn. It’s music for the soul.

But first, shout out to $B for stopping through Burbank to rock with me. This is Tyga’s DJ, but he’s now pursuing his own rap career. He just released his Period Tha Album, which is actually his 3rd project. So brazy to me — his story and how he linked with Tyga. It literally almost fell in his lap, and picking up rapping was no coincidence. His life was spent in the studio and that’s honestly the best place to learn. To keep recording and perfecting your craft. Salute to him for sticking with it. I didn’t know whether or not to call him Dolla B or how to pronounce his name lmao. He told me “S-B.”

Shout out Sade for linking us, she’s an angel. $B and I actually had almost a 20-minute convo, which is longer than most of my interviews. I really fucked with what he was saying and how his whole purpose in life is to take care of his daughter. He even changed his IG handle to show for it, disregarding people telling him not to. One time for following your heart. It’s so interesting to me because Tyga is a superstar, so he’s experienced all the glitz and glamor of touring the world. And he’s still here to make his own dreams happen. Salute.

And we’re here: The Novo in downtown LA. One of my favorite venues, for sure. Tonight proved to be extremely busy, as the lot underneath L.A. Live was completely full. We still finessed our way in. dvsn had a show last night as well, but that sold out so fast that they added another. I can always respect when that happens. If you’re not familiar, dvsn is an R&B duo comprised of Daniel Daley and Nineteen85. They are signed to Drake’s OVO label, joining PND, Majid Jordan, and Roy Woods. The co-sign is real!

Huge thanks to Katie and Melissa for allowing me to cover. dvsn was supposed to take the stage at 10pm, which soon turned into 11pm. All was forgiven once he came on. He being Daniel — the vocalist. Nineteen 85 was running the boards in the back, whom Daniel made sure to shout out at the end. They had a longer set than most, which is dope for everyone who paid and got their money’s worth. At the end of the day, we were all fans here — whether you’re working as part of his team or just enjoying. Shout out to Noor for being the best date (in life). I love her with all my heart.

The show opened with “With Me” and it was already a wrap. He sounds SO good live. It warms my heart how much I enjoyed the show tonight. And how talented he is. I ran into a friend earlier who came for round 2 because last night was so good. “Morning After” was next, which comes from their project Morning After released last year. I don’t think they’re capable of making a bad record, and that says a lot. Next, he performed “The Line,” and I couldn’t help but notice his Fear of God bomber jacket. He was looking fresh to death up there.

“Nuh Time / Tek Time” is my favorite record off the new project (Noor’s too). It’s song #2 on the tracklist and I always have a hard time getting to the rest of the project because I just put this on repeat. This had me in my feels. He also did a great job talking to the crowd in between songs and hyping them up. Los Angeles is usually the prime stop on a tour. All the magic happens here.

“Too Deep” is one of my favorites also (I’m really trying to refrain from saying they’re all my favorite lmao). He literally climaxes with his vocals here. I know that sounds so sensual, but with lyrics like “In too deep, don’t want to pull out”… YEEZUS. Admittedly, I struggled a bit tonight with catching the names of all the songs. I realize I just listen to dvsn and hit play without really checking. That’s how orgasmic their music is. Everything just hits. “Mood” was next before he asked the crowd who’s ever been in a real relationship, and who still wants their ex. This reminded me how the last time I came home, I realize everyone around me were either married, had kids, or both. So brazy. Work is my life sadly. I’m just focused now more than ever.

Next, he performed “Think About Me” before throwing it all the way back to the classics: USHER. “My Boo” and “U Got It Bad” gave every single person in attendance life. “Keep The Faith” had Daniel hitting those high notes like I’ve never seen before. This man can sing and that microphone was all his tonight. He held nothing back. “Do It Well” and “You Do” were next before dvsn threw it back to “Sept 5th.” Released in 2016, this is the album that really caught my attention.

Next, dvsn brings out a female singer by the name of Shantel May (sp?). She looked a little bit like Alicia Keys up there, and sang like it too. He gave her the time of the day, which I think is so dope for any artist with a platform. They literally share the limelight with someone they believe in and want their fans to get to know too. “Don’t Choose” was next, followed by Childish Gambino’s “Redbone,” whom he had to give a shout out to. Real recognize real.

“Claim” was next before the special guest of the evening: PARTYNEXTDOOR! So here for it. PND live is a bit questionable at times lmao. Not sure if it was the mic or what was off, but his songs make up for it. He performed “Recognize” which had me in my feels. That song with Drake goes so hard. “One I Want” by Majid Jordan was next before “Come and See Me.” Drizzy, wya lmao.

dvsn came back out to close the show on the highest note. “Conversations In A Diner,” as Daniel serenaded the crowd on a lone stool on stage. We were all speechless. At this point, he takes off his camo military jacket (which I just realized he changed outfits), revealing a basic white tee that accentuated his extremely buff biceps and pecs. We were def lookin’ lmao. “The Line” was the perfect closer. Pretty sure he repeated songs throughout the evening, but that’s okay. No one minded. He also gave the disclaimer that they don’t come to LA often, so this was special.

dvsn, we love you.

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