CHRYSALIS – A Mafmatiks Documentary Shot By Adam Stanzak & Michael Paredes

January 29, 2018

Sunday, January 28th

Happy J. Cole day. AND Rick Ross day. “January 28th” will forever be legendary.

Today also marks the 60th Annual Grammys. I was approved for the media room last year, which is not as cool as it seems lmao — at all. I did get to see Solange and Chance The Rapper stop through after they received their awards. That was dope. I felt like I was celebrating with them. This year, I have no cable and no TV, so I was live-posting from social media. You could literally do so much these days on the Internet. That shit is brazy. Anyways. This was my favorite post of the evening. And huge congrats to Kendrick Lamar for winning Best Rap Album of the Year for DAMN.

And even more congrats for shouting out Mozzy. So ill. Bay Area, stand up!

Fast forward to the evening, tonight was an event I was excited to come out for. The homie Adam just wrapped up his short film Chrysalis, which for some reason I had the hardest time pronouncing out loud lmao. I pull up around 7:30pm to this spot right across from Roscoe’s on Pico in mid-city. Oh, how I miss this part of LA lmao (but oh how I love downtown also). This was a vibe the minute I walk inside the giant room, which had “CHRYSALIS” in huge letters decorated across the glass windows. They hadn’t started the movie yet, thankfully, but everyone was in the best Sunday spirits. There was a DJ, drinks, dope artwork, photography, raffle tickets, merch, prints, polaroid pictures… a POPCORN MACHINE.

Mafmatiks is a lifestyle awareness brand that “promotes enjoying the human experience via Music + Art + Fashion (MAF).” Definitely my steez. The FB description read:Chrysalis is a Drastic production that’s been over three years in the making! Badd Wolf is a dreamer, artist, entertainer & free thinker from Los Angeles, creating his own lane while enjoying the human experience. On behalf of Mafmatiks, Adam Stanzak & Michael Paredes have captured a slice of his evolution that’s transpired into a short documentary.

Come see our pictures, the film and celebrate. We’re raffling away free prints from the project, with stills, zine & merch available for purchase.”

Speaking of, Facebook is such a great platform to make an event and invite people to. Unlike Instagram where you just throw up a flier and whoever sees it sees it. Facebook you can actually send the invites to your friends and/or acquaintances, and it feels a tiny bit more personal lmao. I actually tweeted this before earlier in the day not even thinking how much it applied to tonight. I knew Adam back when we were both at HipHopDX. It’s been fam ever since. The turn out was so great tonight. It made me so happy to see. Shout out to Jess and Marcos — family forever.

When the film actually begun, everyone took their spot — whether it was a couch, the floor, or standing straight up. No bias, the entire film, which ran for maybe 30 minutes, was so well-made and the shots were unreal. This definitely needs to be seen by the masses. I was so honored to know Adam did this. And shout out to his partner Mike. Teamwork makes the dream work. It’s crazy to think they really followed this dude named Badd Wolf over the span of 3 years.

Tonight being the world premiere made it even more celebratory and special. I’m so proud to have creatives as friends lmao the film was shot in beautiful Catalina Island. I really feel like I got the message they were trying to convey: that we are all on this journey together. This journey called life. We’re all here to make something of ourselves and make our parents proud. The goal is to do what we love and do it well. Omg so corny — please don’t judge me.

As I sit here and dwell on the things I DIDN’T get done today, I realize, it’s okay. Because every single day is a blessing. Every day is another reason to be thankful to be alive, and sometimes you just have to be present. That’s it. I really enjoyed the company I was with tonight. Excited for the week to come.

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