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Rich The Kid Performs “Plug Walk” For The First Time; DJ Caleeb’s LOVE EP Listening With Urban Outfitters

February 3, 2018

Friday, February 2nd

Happy Friday! Today started out a little rough for me. Some days, life gets the best of me. But then moments like this make it better. Honorable C-Note interview is out! He’s so dope. Legendary producer.

Also found this in my camera roll and couldn’t get over it lmao. Dave East accidentally shouting out HipHopDX. It was cute though.

After work, my first stop was DJ Caleeb‘s LOVE EP listening party at Space 15 Twenty next to Urban Outfitters in Hollywood. Super familiar with this space, and think it’s so clutch for events like this. I actually went to park in the Jack In The Box and saw a car getting towed, and was like nope lmao. That literally triggered me so hard. Ya girl had her whip towed 3x in 2 months last year. That shit was wild. Anyways. The event was from 7-9pm. Huge thanks to Andre for the invite! I walk inside to find another silent listening party courtesy of Jahmal. All fam.

Caleeb is the official DJ for the beautiful Tomi Romiti, who was definitely out supporting tonight. She’s so fire, and just carries the presence of an artist. She was dancing so hard throughout the evening, it was the cutest thing. You could just tell the two have their own wavelength. Entering the space a little after 7pm, I immediately see Huneycut on the 1’s and 2’s. And all the music was being played through these lush headphones. It makes for interesting socializing, cause you never know if you should take them off to talk or what lmao. And pause everything: all the females received red roses. My heart.

UO actually partnered with Caleeb and made him an official #UOLocalHero. Urban is life lmao he already won. I think it’s so dope Caleeb followed his dreams in making his own music. The listening included his most recent single “Like Me,” which had the entire room vibing. It’s like R&B meets EDM meets trap meets soul. Dope that all these artists are creating their own lanes instead of fitting in a genre.

Caleeb was hyped to introduce each song, which in turn made the rest of the room hyped. He’s from Chicago, and the fact that he’s on a tour for this new EP is low key fire. He had a good crowd come out too. The next single he’s dropping on Valentine’s Day, called “Liberated.” All these break-up songs don’t relate to me cause I be single and working lmao. Tear. Shout out to my v good friend James in the building! Such good energy in one room.

Fresh off last night’s movie, tonight was round 2 of 3 at The Novo in downtown LA. This was in my planner for a minute as well: Rich The Kid, Famous Dex, and Jay Critch on one bill. They’re all part of the Rich Forever clan, a label started by Rich. I’ve definitely been familiar with Rich since before “New Freezer,” as a lot of my homies ride with him. I actually slapped Rich Forever 3 when it first dropped. “Pardon Me” goes.

I literally missed the entire show, damn near. Unbelievable lmao. Apparently, Rich came on 30 minutes early. His set time was supposed to be 10:15pm, and I actually thought I was early. I can’t lmao. The beat for “New Freezer” featuring Kendrick started playing and we ran to get the shot. At this point, I’m just mad confused on how we failed so hard lmao. But the energy was definitely on. This was definitely an all-ages show — don’t even gotta check the ticket lmao.

Rich brought out Famous Dex and Jay Critch to do a few more joints, which included his new record “Plug Walk.” Shit’s fire for sure. I just can’t get over Famous Dex and all his convulsions. Like he’s really something else. I remember when the whole ordeal went down on him beating his girl, my boss at DX banned him from the site. I thought that was intense, but as I get older, it makes more and more sense.

I need “Plug Walk” in my headphones stat. Also, Louie is the real reason I pulled up. He’s the legend.

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