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Azizi Gibson, Lil Xan & Hippie Sabotage Take Over Los Angeles On Path Of Righteousness Tour

February 4, 2018

Saturday, February 3rd

Tonight, I was returning to The Novo for round 3. After completely failing and missing the show last night, I was determined to redeem myself. I had to come support Azizi Gibson, who was opening for Lil Xan and Hippie Sabotage. The crazy part here is the fact that last time I saw Azizi, he sold out this same venue. AS A HEADLINER! But it’s so fucking ill that he’s on this tour. Hippie Sabotage is lit af, and with Lil Xan on the bill, there’s no way it wouldn’t sell it. Welcome to the Path of Righteousness Tour.

I sacrificed a nap to make it here on time at 9pm lmao. Azizi Gibson, I couldn’t miss your set. Shout out to Laurence, one of my favs. I head straight to the pit and noticed there were so many people out already. Azizi came out to “Crown Violet” and it was already a party. This song comes off his Backward Books (Reloaded) project. I really love and appreciate how much he talks to the crowd in between songs. He said he had a hard time keeping a straight face because they made him smile so much. So cute. Later, he comments “This is how a rap show to be!” which stole the words right out of my head.

Azizi prides himself on putting out real shit. He spoke to everyone about having goals and dreams and making them a reality. It was inspiring. He played “Freak” next off Memoirs of the Reaper. Banger. “High” came with the most heartfelt speech about drugs and doing it in moderation. He highlighted the R word: restraint. It was dope. The kids definitely received it well. “Nintendo King,” “Cabaret,” “King Cupid” were next. I love his catalog. He even admitted to doing cocaine because it feels good, before getting into “Smoking With The Gods.”

The minute I get backstage, I see the entire city out for the show. Lil Xan was definitely a look. I’m just sad because I pitched him to so many reputable outlets way before he blew up. And no one believed me lmao. Forever salty. But anyways. I got to chop it up with Azizi and had the best 15-minute convo. I love speaking with artists so much. He’s honestly a great human being.

Please don’t judge me for this tweet lmao. Lil Xan on the side stage, before he entered the main stage, was celebrity status. He had a whole mob ready to take over the stage, and a videographer to capture it all. It was insane lmao but also lit. Good for him. His hype man looked just like Madeintyo from the back lmao I was like “TOK-” oh shit. Not Madeintyo. His last show with All Def, he was definitely rocking a tan MCM backpack. Tonight, it was just Supreme. I literally noticed how it had nothing in it, which made sense later.

There was a good % of the crowd out tonight for Lil Xan alone. His set was pretty fire — lots of energy. I couldn’t help but turn up. He performed “No Love,” “Wake Up,” “Far,” and “Slingshot.” At one point, he did that thing where he makes everyone put their lights on in their phones, and it was beautiful.

He closed out with “Betrayed” of course, his breakthrough record. Not even gonna lie, that shit still slaps in the whip. Can we talk about how he also threw Skittles into the crowd? Attention to detail man. He has a line that says: “And her pussy tastes like Skittles, what?” I’m like, how old are you? Lmao. I do love Skittles though.

Before we knew it, Hippie Sabotage was on stage. I didn’t even think I was going to make it to their set, but I’m so fucking glad I did! I had the absolute pleasure of meeting these two hippies (literally) backstage. Shout out to Bobo! He’s on tour shooting with them. I swear, the industry is so fucking small. They started out with the disclaimer that this was the third time they sold out The Novo. So dope. That’s impressive.

Within the first minute, one of them had already stage dove into the crowd. He caught air too, it was lit. I believe they played a record named “Different,” but who knows. I was just vibing. Flashback to my raving days. I miss them. And I miss a lot of people. Sigh. We went to the merch booth for a bit but had to move closer to the stage when they brought out Daisy. No idea who she is but she was fire. Female vocals, ftw.


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