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Majid Jordan Gives Los Angeles A Show Of A Lifetime On Space Between Tour

February 8, 2018

Wednesday, February 7th

Happy Wednesday! And happy 44th birthday to the legend, J Dilla.

After work, I head straight to downtown LA for an exclusive Converse event at The Void3125c. Huge thanks to Alex for the invite, I was honored. This ended up being so dope. Following their recent collabs with Dr. Woo and Vince Staples, Converse recently announced a series of new collabs with influential individuals and brands that represent street culture in Los Angeles. Tonight was the unveiling of four, never-before-seen collaborations.



The concept here is sick. Converse gave the same blank canvas to four LA-based designers: Babylon, RSVP Gallery, Clot, and Rokit. They were able to do whatever they wanted, adding their own creativity and steez. The best part was pulling up and being greeted with complimentary valet. They already won. It was around 7:30pm and the second I walk up, I immediately fall in love with the space. It felt like an abandoned warehouse, and the lights, drinks, food, scenery, and music were just on. Issa vibe.



Speaking of music…. the Cozy Boys legit had me so turnt. I was thriving on a Wednesday lmao. Shout out to Jscott and Lou for the most fire set I’ve heard in a minute. I was with my homie and he kept saying how he felt like he was in the VA (Virginia). They threw down all the slaps, back when trap meant a banger from T.I. Back when trap was trill lmao. Anyways. “Can I Have It Like” by Pharrell had me so nostalgic.



Tonight was an immersive look at the finished product, which meant new apparel and sneaker collaborations from all four brands. Again, honored. They had the dopest set up too, similar to the booths at Complexcon. Shout out to Michael who I haven’t seen in forever. He fangirled because he was talking to an actress from a show called Snowfall on FX and didn’t even notice until after. Apparently, the show is about drugs, which means I’d probably enjoy it.


Couldn’t stay for much longer because I had to get to The Wiltern to catch Majid Jordan on their Space Between Tour. Huge thanks to Janise and Janette for the 9pm set time, not sure I would have been there otherwise. If you guys are sleeping, they are a Canadian R&B duo composed of singer Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman. Being signed to Drake’s OVO Sound is the ultimate co-sign. I was so excited to catch them again because last time at The Fonda was orgasmic. These guys are fucking talented.


This show was sold-out af. We arrive to find all the commotion at the box office, per usual. By the time we got inside, we had to physically push our way to the front. It was packed to the point where they weren’t even letting anyone past the first tier. Never seen anything like it. Shout out to Felli, we were able to shoot on the ramp which also serves as a photo pit. I finally arrive three songs deep during “Small Talk.” Home sweet home. “All I Do” had me in my feels.



“Something About You” is one of my favorites. It comes from their self-titled album Majid Jordan which dropped in 2016. They’re so fucking cute on stage. Jordan as the producer going HAM on the keys and whatever devices he uses to produce these infectious beats, and Majid at the front handling the vocals. His voice is absolutely incredible. Drake is a genius for this. Their synergy on stage is unmatched.


Mind you, it’s still so early in the show, and I’m already wanting to post every single song they performed. They said this was their first time performing this record on this tour, which had the crowd cheering and applauding. We were here for it. Shout out to my babygirl Noor who is my date for life. She’s a stan for them, which in turn made my night that much more intimate.


They performed “You” next before one of my favorites: “One I Want” featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR. dvsn just brought out PND recently and he actually performed this record on stage. I was surprised he didn’t show up tonight lmao. Btw, if you haven’t had a chance to listen to their latest album, The Space Between, please do. You won’t regret it.

“Phases” reminded me how much I love their music. This is feel-good R&B for the soul — mixed with a little dance and electronic. Majid had SO much energy on stage. He was dancing and hitting those high notes effortlessly. They put on such a great show for the fans. Next was “My Imagination” featuring dvsn, “Not Ashamed,” and “What You Do To Me.”

“Body Talk” is such a vibe. Also, shout out to Jordan lighting one up on stage. That made me smile.

So is “The Space Between,” so is all their songs. At this point, Majid leaves the stage and Jordan is left doing what he does best. He gave the crowd a little solo run which gave me major Soulection vibes. It was fire. Then he leaves the stage, which made us almost leave. It was the most fake encore ever because they came back out to perform 4 more songs. We were all trying to guess the one song they didn’t play. We figured out we missed “OG Heartthrob” and “Gave Your Love Away.”

“Every Step Every Way” was beautiful. In this moment, I look back at everyone in the pit and saw nothing but fans listening, dancing, and singing along to the lyrics.Whether they are a part of the OVO team or they bought a ticket, everyone got what they came for. I know we sure did. Most were recording like me, but that goes without saying. Sometimes I really just lay in bed and watch my concert footage (mostly when I’m emo).They played “Pacifico” next.

“King City” honestly made me almost cry. That shit hits home. I also couldn’t help but notice Majid’s OVO owl chain around his neck. Icy.

The grand finale: “Her.” Shout out to Noor for copping us Majid Jordan baseball tees afterward outside the venue. Merch. <3

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