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Jeezy Made History Bringing Out Diddy, Nipsey Hussle & O.T. Genasis In Los Angeles

February 10, 2018

Friday, February 9th

Happy Friday. Honestly, I’ve been going through some personal issues, but I just got home from the best show of 2018 and it just reminded that life is too short for ANY negativity. Cut out the bullshit and anything that might deter you from being the best person you can be. Long day, but at least I had Jeezy to look forward to.

I swear, Jeezy is one of the coldest rappers still doing it. Jeezy is Hip Hop. The Snowman. One of the hardest to come out of Atlanta. Trap or Die all day. Someone at work said he wasn’t relevant and I literally got so offended. That’s the OG. You gotta put respek on his name. *Birdman voice* He just dropped his album Pressure and it’s so slept on. He fucking got Kendrick and J. Cole on record — “American Dream” is a slap. Don’t sleep.

The crazy part is, I saw Jeezy here last time on his Trap Or Die Tour. I love the Belasco. It’s huge in the sense that it can fit so many people, but it also still makes you somehow feel like you’re in an intimate setting. Huge thanks to Janise and Janette, I was honored to do a giveaway. I love these because it gives me a chance to share to my followers that the show is happening. Not that I have a ton, but it still reaches an audience who otherwise wouldn’t have known about it. Especially since most of my friends are in music or love music. Plus, I get to make some people’s day. One of the winners said Jeezy was his top 5, and that warmed my heart.

Plus, concert tickets aren’t the easiest when you’re on ballin’ on a budget (like me). I used to be the one setting alarms at 10am when tickets went on sale on Ticketmaster. So wild. I was sad to miss Tee Grizzley opening, but the homie sent me a video of him performing “First Day Out” and it was dumb lit. #FOMO. I fuck with Tee Grizzley. His music motivates the shit out of me. We pull up to the venue a little after 9pm to find all the ratchet vibes lmao. Same deal last time. It was feeling like ATL in LA. Of course, Jeezy takes over an hour to come on stage, but it was well worth the wait. Plus the DJ was going off.

We were chillin’ in the corner of photo pit by the entrance when all of a sudden, a man on Jeezy’s team comes right next to us and turns on this machine that sprays fake snow into the crowd in the form of soap bubbles. No lie, we were drenched. We had to evacuate. It was actually an ordeal. I couldn’t do my job and I was stressed lmao. My entire phone, hair, body was covered in soap. Hot mess. But Jeezy started performing and it made it all better. “Gangsta Party,” “Bottom Of The Map,” “Bang,” “Get Ya Mind Right.” Definitely one of those shows where the artist has so many hits, he can only perform a snippet of each.

He followed up “Trap Or Die” with a shout out to all his fans for supporting him through the thick and thin, which included being locked up in jail. He a real one. This is back when trap actually meant trap, and not the genre of music. Back when trap was trill. The hits just kept pouring in: “Go Crazy,” “Trap Star,” “And Then What,” and “Spyder” of his new album Pressure. Don’t sleep on this project! It slaps. “They Know” with Shawty Lo definitely had everyone nostalgic. And “Geekd Up” reminded me of the days I was cool and actually partied.

“Who Dat” was next before one of my absolute favorites: “Lose My Mind.” “House stupid dumb big, my rooms got rooms” — that line is iconic. And then another of my favs: “All There” featuring the late Bankroll Fresh. The crowd went dumb for this one, which validated my love for the song. Speaking of crowd… please don’t judge me for this tweet lmao I mean no harm. But we were deadass squished in between people on the floor. As you know, I like to be close to the action, but this was a lot. It was too late to move anywhere else. I blame no one but human nature for the odor.

“Supafreak” is another classic, and “I Luv It” always hits the spot. Jeezy’s energy on stage is unmatched. It makes such a difference when the artist is as hyped as the fans. I also couldn’t help but notice the iced out chain around his neck. It was the same face emoji that was posted all over the stage and merch. PS, I love his #TrustYaProcess mantra. It’s so fucking motivating. “Can’t Leave You Alone” featuring Ne-Yo was next. I was so hyped over this. I forgot he did this song. And then he asked all the ladies to scream if their “pu**y taste good” lmao (I hate that word), before performing “All We Do.” Romantic.

“I Do” was next before he brought it all the way West Coast with some YG. Totally forgot he’s on the remix to “My Ni**a.” That music video is everything. “R.I.P.” featuring 2 Chainz was another one I forgot I loved. That remix with Kendrick gives me life. I soon realized the crowd favorite was “Way Too Gone.” This had the people surrounding me literally geeked. Basically, me with every other song lmao. Especially “Go Getta” and “Soul Survivor” featuring Akon. Timeless.

Then Jeezy brought the show to a whole nother level. As if it wasn’t lit enough, he brings out O.T. Genasis for “Push It,” and “Thick.” O.T. swag always on. He’s honestly one of my favorites. One of the best personalities in Hip Hop.

Holy shit. The surprise guests didn’t end there. Nipsey Hussle pops out and the entire building just erupts. He seriously walks on stage like a striaght boss. With Victory Lap dropping less than a week away, the support is so fucking real. Nip did “Last Time That I Checc’d” and “Rap Ni**as” and it was over. Or so we thought. After  “Lose My Mind,” the ultimate surprise guest…

DIDDY. In the flesh. This was legendary. “All About The Benjamins” by Biggie was and forever will be the anthem.

History was made tonight, I felt like a little kid in a playground.

“Put On” featuring Kanye West is definitely one of Jeezy’s best records. Such a fire song to close with. Especially in LA and he’s from ATL. I swear, only he could bring out Diddy, Nipsey and O.T. GOAT.

Mood af lmao. Shout out Corey for being my friend. And all I want in 2018 is for Nipsey to unblock me. For my favorite rapper to unblock me lmao. Tear.

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