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J. Cole Called JID “The Future” At His Sold Out Show At The Roxy

February 11, 2018

Saturday, February 10th

Happy Saturday. It’s fucking crazy to think that Kanye dropped College Dropout 14 years ago. Makes me feel old af.

Tonight was the long-awaited, highly-anticipated, extremely sold-out JID show at The Roxy on Sunset. I thought last night’s Jeezy show was crazy… bruh. If you guys aren’t familiar with JID, you need to wake up. I honestly, with no bias, think he’s one of the greatest rappers out right now. Being signed to Dreamville is just a small factor. This little dude can spit his heart out. And if you’ve seen him perform live before, you’ll know not to miss this show. #FOMO is real.

I actually interviewed him for DX back in the day, and that was after I got to know him. He’s literally one of the sweetest, most humble artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. This picture was taken at 7:30pm, when I pulled up to the venue. I was there early af to interview Lute, Dreamville’s latest signee. Huge thanks to Dominique for this. Tbh, I was going to interview him and dip to the 88rising show at The Shrine. Staying proved to be the best decision of my life.

Shout out to Dho and Pooh for being so sweet. Honestly, I am so late to Lute. But better late than never. His album West 1996, Pt. 2 held my attention the second I started bumping it. One time for Hip Hop — this is that old-school sound where artists rap about real life shit in their music. I linked with him inside the tour bus which was nice as hell lmao.

He’s so sweet. Get this: he was working at Walmart when J. Cole DM’ed him on Twitter. Can you imagine? I actually posted up to work on my laptop a bit because I knew there was going to be some time in between but I heard Lute on stage and had to go peep. He had everybody in the room lit, which was so dope to see. Especially when you’re the first opener on the bill, the crowd can be tough. He killed it. The entire Roxy was chanting “Uncle Lute!”

Chaz French was up next! I was actually so excited to see him on the bill. I missed him at Rolling Loud and had to redeem myself tonight. He honestly blew me away with his set. I’ve heard he’s great live, but he totally impressed me. During his set, he tells everyone “if y’ll don’t know who Chaz is, y’ll will now.” Respect. Confidence is key. “Squad” is definitely a banger. The crowd was here for it.

He was hilarious too, hella personality on stage. He intro’ed “The Shit” with saying “I woke up this morning and said I’m the shit.” As if his energy wasn’t already on 100, the crowd surfing was the cherry on top. He performed “Way Out” next and had such a positive message about his come up and how much he fucked up in the past. He gave hope to anyone in the building that was going through a hard time.

One time for EarthGang — my favorite duo in Hip Hop. No lie, these guys give me life. I love them to death. They are the quirkiest, most fun, funniest… just all the positive adjective you can think of. The announcement of them signing to Dreamville made my day. They deserve that. “The F Bomb” had the entire venue geeked. And “Machete” proved to be even more lit.

Seeing them turning up to “Walk It Talk It” by Migos at the end was so cute. The next joint had them screaming “Fuck Donald Trump!” just like YG. Shout out to the one with goggles on while performing. Fashion statement. They performed “Voodoo” by Spillage Village next, which is definitely one of my favorites. Such a smooth record. At this point, they perform cuts off their Robots EPand I went to go interview Chaz.

Huge thanks to Zay and Dre for this. On my way up, I literally walk by J. Cole and had to double take. I went back to say hi. He was so fucking cool. It’s not every day you get to meet one of the GOATs. This isn’t a fangirl tweet. It’s facts. I worry sometimes lmao. At this point in my career, I’ve definitely discovered less and less fan moments, and more how can I work with you moments.

Chaz was chillin’ with his squad (no pun intended), genuinely high off life. It was dope. Such great energy in the room, which makes sense because he just bodied his set. Really glad I got to speak with him. He’s got his own story to tell.

I love this so much. JID graces the stage and shakes hands with every fan in the front row, as they proceed to scream his name. This turned into a full-on chant: “J.I.D! J.I.D.!” It was beautiful. He just kept telling them “make some noise yourself!” JID is so fucking slept-on. For someone as talented as he is, he is so fucking humble. “General” is fire.

JID asked the crowd who follows him on social media, and who saw him post the clip for “EdEddnEddy” a couple days ago. He had to shout out the director, Fred, who was in the building supporting. Honestly, if you’re in music, you had to be here. This was one of those shows where it was so sold out, they had to cut everyone’s +1’s. Luckily, I wasn’t even given one lmao so I was chillin’.

He kept asking the crowd to get louder, it was so lit. JID can perform man. He can do it all lmao. Everyone signed to Dreamville is fire, but he’s special. He performed “Hereditary” and brought out Marian Mereba for “All Bad.” I fucking love female vocals. It was beautiful.

“Underwear” is another favorite of mine. That “Matthew McConaughey” line is so fire. I always want to tweet it but I never know how to fucking spell it lmao. “M.O.M.” was next, another gem from Spillage Village. “Somebody” had us all throwing up our phone lights. All the songs on his project The Never Story are worth listening to honestly. JID is the truth.

Bringing EarthGang back out for “Meditate” was a highlight in itself, but it just kept getting better and better. “D/vision” was lit.

Holy shit. Denzel Curry came out of nowhere. That man is a monster lmao I was too hyped for this. “Ultimate” is literally cue to rage. Meanwhile, I’m staring at my phone battery praying it doesn’t die because I had the biggest feeling Cole was going to show face.

I love being right lmao. There was a lot of staring into the entrance to the stage before it actually happened, but we all knew it. He performed DJ Khaled’s “Jermaine’s Interlude” featuring EarthGang, on stage with EarthGang. History.

And then more history. This was such a fucking moment. J. Cole calling JID “the future.” Beautiful. This lead right into “NEVER,” but they had to do it the right way…

This lead to all of Dreamville rocking the stage. Shout out to Bas, Cozz, Ari Lennox, and whoever else I missed that turned the fuck up with Cole. Fans got way more than they paid for tonight. Also walked out alongside Larry June and JID gave him a shout out: “Good job, Larry!” So cute.

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