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The Tattoo Exhibit At #NHMLA Is A Must-See!

February 12, 2018

Sunday, February 11th

Happy Sunday! Still on the highest high from JID’s show last night at The Roxy. J. Cole calling him “the future” was too perfect. Also saw this and had to share. Forever mood.

Today, I was so excited to FINALLY be able to visit the tattoo exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHMLA). My hope here is that you’ll come check this out for yourself. It’s incredible! This is exactly what it sounds like: a special exhibition exploring more than 5,000 years of history, culture, and art connected to ink. I love tattoos. I actually found out about this because my homeboy hella wanted to go, but he had work, unfortunately. The good news? It’s open until April 2018!

First off, love museums. So this was a win already. Strolling through the premises on a Sunday and seeing all the beautiful families added to the overall experience. It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles too. Weather makes all the difference. The museum is located right near Exposition Park by USC, and there’s a parking lot for your convenience. Tickets are only like $8, which is 100% worth it. There is so much that lies beneath the surface-level art you see on someone’s body. So much history. Huge thanks to Kristin for accommodating. I love tattoos and have a few myself, but nothing drastic. I have the lowest pain tolerance so all of mine are minuscule.

There was a little trouble actually locating the main entrance at first, but we got it eventually. This place is huge! And everything was so attractive to the eye. If I was a teacher, I would definitely propose a field trip here. Met my girl at the huge dinosaur fossil structure in the middle, which proved to be a great meeting point. There’s so much to see and do here (and so many entrances), so definitely easy to get lost. Huge gifts shops, a cafe, and  HISTORY. No pun intended. Right as you walk in, my eyes immediately drifted to this silicone body covered in ink. It made me shiver lmao. It just looks so damn painful.

Once you walk inside, you’re greeted with a vibrant red wall that reads “TATTOO EXHIBIT”, which make for a great photo opp. Speaking of, the lady at the front said photos were highly encouraged. I can always appreciate that. In addition to the dope tattooed silicone forms, there is hand-drawn art, videos of tattoo ceremonies, interview footage of luminary practitioners, and pretty much everything from the technology to tools of tattooing. They also do a great job of spotlighting the extremely vibrant tattoo scene in LA. I saw they did something with Miryam Lumpini, the Witch Doctor. She blessed me with some ink while we were in Texas for SXSW. Forever a part of me <3.

Shout out to my girl Alysha for this fire shot with the Stop Motion feature on IG story. First time using it and it was pretty fun lmao. I gotta stop resisting technology.

And shout out to her for all the positive energy she exudes into the world. In this moment, we watched a girl get tattooed on her rib and I wanted to jump off a bridge lmao. THE PAINNNNN. I can’t even imagine. Much respect to all those who sit through needles going in and out of their skin at 10000 mph. Also, there’s an actual studio INSIDE the exhibit where artists are tattooing all day, and you can make a reservation online! So sick. Def look into it if you’re interested. Seriously, don’t forget to cop tickets before it’s too late! It’s open every day until 5pm.

Fast forward through the day, and I arrive at the dopest Sunday night hangout I’ve been to in a minute. Alysha strikes again. This was an event put on by her homies’ art collective, and the minute I get inside, I felt like I was home. I pulled up around 11pm, and actually felt like I was late. Just the energy, creativity, vibes, TALENT, music, artwork — everything was on. I could even tell by the people chillin’ outside: one had a guitar and the others were enjoying the night breeze. The crazy part is that this event is just by word of mouth. It was such a great turnout! For a Sunday especially. I was definitely worried about the work I had piling up in my head, but luckily reminded myself to be present.

There were snacks, alcohol, live music, really great socializing, and the most glorious space. Imagine an art gallery fuzing with an intimate showcase for talented artists to perform, and Sunday Nite Vibes born. It happens every other Sunday too, so you always have that as an option! A place to meet like-minded individuals who share a passion for art — in whatever form that may be. Had the pleasure of hearing and seeing Rachel sing with Steve on the keys. It was beautiful. Also had the pleasure of meeting the man behind it all, Josiah. This actually started out in his apartment but it grew and grew and now it’s in his neighbor’s place. This is located in the heart of Hollywood, right there on Sunset and Vine. Great location — central to everything.

And Jjuan gave me a shout out! I’m lit lmao. I just fuck with good people.

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