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An Evening With Dame Dash & Dennis Graham > NERD Headlining adidas #747WarehouseSt

February 17, 2018

Friday, February 15th

Mood all NBA All-Star Weekend.

Tonight was an extremely special evening, all thanks to my babygirl Laura. Words can’t express how grateful I am to have this woman in my life. She’s one of the most loving, selfless, most humble souls not even in the industry, but in life. And it all stems from a mutual love for Hip Hop. She single-handedly put together this exclusive dinner and screening for Dame Dash‘s new film Honor Up, which is executive produced by Kanye West. This highlights Dame’s journey growing up in the streets of Harlem and how he made it out. If you guys aren’t aware, he’s the co-founder of Roc A Fella, one of the biggest independent Hip Hop labels to date. Success is an understatement.

I have the best story here lmao. I literally pull up to this beautiful crib in the hills, which is actually Paris Hilton’s old home. Mind you, there is no parking in the Hollywood Hills. I see a space in the garage and ask this man if it’s open lmao. He goes, “No, Dame is parking here.” I get inside and discover this was the legendary Dennis Graham, aka Drake’s dad. I was dead. He’s so fucking sweet. Definitely my new BFF lmao.

Tonight was special for so many reasons. I was already locked in to interview Dame, but Laura hit me just hours beforehand to actually moderate the Q&A at dinner. Omg. Me? My immediate reaction was: “I’m not worthy.” But I had to do it. Opportunities like this don’t just happen. “God’s Plan” for real. He put Laura in my life for a reason and this entire evening was a reflection of the value in real genuine relationships. Dame Dash is a legend. I was honestly just so present in the moment. Didn’t worry about tweeting, posting, checking my email, where my next stop was… this was surreal.

Dame walked onto the premises with his dog on his leash and his lady by his side. Shout out to Rocky, she’s such a sweetheart. Had the pleasure of sitting next to her at the table, with the legendary Dennis at the other end and Styles P on the other side of Dame. We ended up having a 35+ minute convo in front of everyone. I really took the time to research these questions too, and it really felt like every piece fell into place so naturally. All the tables and dining room were so extravagantly decorated — can’t wait to see the end result honestly. Shout out to Tony filming and Josh with Shoe City for the opp.  This was honestly the most perfect getaway from all the NBA All-Star madness. I’m so fucking proud of Laura and all that she’s done.

Adding in some Backwoods into the equation, my heart was so fucking full tonight. Came out to a parking ticket and wasn’t even mad. Jk, I was for a second lmao. But still. Life.

Tonight was night 1 of 2 epic evenings with adidas #747WarehouseSt. Literally feel like this came out of nowhere and just took over the entire weekend. The biggest celebration of basketball, culture, and MUSIC. All I know is, adidas does not play. Taking over #RowDTLA (which is huge), they recreated an entire warehouse party — outdoors. And they somehow made it the most coveted event to attend going into All-Star weekend. You had to RSVP in order to receive wristbands, and even then, it was still difficult to get in.

Forever mood. Wondering if I should push or abort mission. YOLO.

This was 2 days of creativity, including exclusive drops, athlete appearances, and your chance to win some hypebeast sneakers. The lineup was all I cared about lmao. And seeing if I could make it in time to grab some dope flicks. I literally arrive around 10:30pm and was told the show was shutting down. That was such a lie lmao shout out to Daniel in attendance telling me they were just setting up for NERD‘s set. Smh. They literally were pushing people out, which explains the lack of crowd and energy when I finally arrived at the stage. What a shame.

I literally just saw NERD at Complexcon, which was nothing short of phenomenal. Was definitely back for round 2. Squeezed my way through the crowd to find Daniel and waited patiently until 11:30pm. I was lit, so I didn’t mind it at all lmao. Typically, my inability to remain patient would shine through. They graced the stage in NERD fashion, opening with “Anti Matter.” The party has begun.

Chad Hugo had on some brazy futuristic goggles while Pharrell rocked a leather jacket that read “Women’s Rights” across the chest. What a fucking statement. Forming a trio with Shay Haleyspace, it’s crazy to think they went from childhood friends to one of the most legendary groups in music. The whole squad on stage was so turnt, the entire time. Everybody was each other’s hypeman. I loved it. “1000” featuring Future was epic. No One Ever Really Dies was the comeback album of the year.

Voilà” is another record off the new project, and features Gucci Mane and Wale. This made me realize I totally forgot about this project. Smh. There’s so much damn music! But honestly, I don’t think there’s a single soul that can knock NERD and their art. It’s like… so beyond what you see or hear. They are their own entity. Their own sound. Their own space. “Lapdance” took us on a trip down memory lane. I was here for it all.

“She Wants To Move” was so nostalgic. And extra lit when Pharrell brought Mette Towley, the chick from the “Lemon” music video, into the spotlight. She slays. Every. Single. Time.

ALL THE GIRLS STANDING IN THE LINE FOR THE BATHROOM. 10X IN A ROW. This record still gets me. “Everybody Nose” remix with Kanye West was literally my turn up anthem in high school. For a split second, I thought Ye would come out to bless us. But then I realized that was definitely not happening lmao. He was supposed to do a secret show somewhere tonight too, but it was a bust before it even started. “Rock Star” was just as good. They were playing all the classics!

Pharrell kept thanking adidas and everybody for coming out. I couldn’t help but notice Pusha T to the left of us, chillin’ just enjoying the show. I’m sad I missed his set. He’s one of my favorites. “Lemon” was definitely the cherry on top. Also, shout out to NERD for always putting forth socially-conscious messages in all that they do. I can always respect artists who use their platform for a greater good. “Secret Life Of Tigers” was the grand finale.

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