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Zaytoven & Scott Storch Make History > Kanye West Introduces Kid Cudi At adidas 747 > YG Brings Out The World At Nighttime Boogie

February 18, 2018

Saturday, February 17th

Happy Saturday! After a legendary evening last night with Dame Dash, Dennis Graham, and NERD, I was honestly slow to start today lmao. Like super slow. I was so sad I missed YG’s Daytime Boogie. I heard all the artists were talking to everyone. V rare.

It’s ironic to think the founder has real-life FOMO, but I’m just being honest. Today was another exclusive event that I almost missed also lmao, but so happy I caught the end. Zaytoven and Scott Storch making a beat together from scratch in the same studio. We Got Keys — 2 legends doing legendary things.

Huge shout out to Matt for getting ya girl in even after it’s at capacity. Real friends — how many of us? All I know is, EastWestStudios do not play lmao. But honestly, the second I walk in, I was in love. This is the nicest studio I’ve ever been inside. I’m definitely basing this off their lobby area in the front. But the fact that they have a lobby area speaks for itself. It’s so swanky lmao. Let me stop.

I literally caught the end lmao they had been going for 3 hours straight, since 3pm. Fail. But still witnessed history. I was so excited to say hi to Zay. I interviewed him last time right after Gucci Mane’s wedding. Legend! And Scott also, who I met at Berner’s listening. Definitely excited to see where this beat goes.

There was a party upstairs with food and alcohol and good vibes. Zay was just playing pool and bickin’ back being bool. He’s such a sweetheart too. I love when legends are nice lmao.

At this point, there’s just no hope for Los Angeles with traffic lmao. It took me 45 minutes to get from Hollywood to downtown LA. I stared at my Google Maps and did a double take. But anyways, I was back for round 2 of adidas #747WarehouseSt. Last night with NERD was pure magic.

And THIS TIME! I got to actually explore! Yay for being normal and doing things outside of shows. I somehow finessed way through the VIP entrance, with a basic GA wristband. Apparently, the opened the festival to the general public at 6pm. So everyone who ended up buying bands took that L lmao. But then again, not really, because this was a fucking great time regardless. adidas beautifully combined fashion, sneakers, and music into the outdoor warehouse party of the year. Salute.

Back at #RowDTLA for round 2, and parking was even easier this time lmao. I just pretended I was exiting and parked on a lower level. They were straight trippin’ charging $25, but then you remember that the entire festival was free. So I ain’t mad at it. I met the squad as they were waiting in line for the Warehouse tour. We were met with nice background music from 21 Savage on stage. “Red Opps” and “No Advance” had me so turnt lmao. But “Bank Account” reminded me I miss the old 21.

First of all, I had no idea this tour existed lmao. And the long line hyped it up even more. I was so excited when it was our turn to enter. AND my homie was our tour guide! Shout out to Jordan, who was already losing his voice from all the tours he gave today lmao. They all had the most fire adidas navy blue jumpsuits. It reminded me of A$AP Rocky. Now imagine Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory… but for sneakers. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but you get my point. Not even going to try to differentiate the different sneakers, but they were all super futuristic. I can’t keep up.

There were honestly so many interactive components from jumping to see how high you can get in the air to a robot shooting free throws to the endless photo and boomerang opps. Shout out to the love of my life, Noor, for always being a light in my life.

This is so dope. Towards the end, there was a stop where you were able to dribble the ball around and the camera recorded you from all angles. Plot twist: it’s the same one from Kendrick’s “Humble.” music video. At this point, Julian sees someone in the crowd with a picture of Kanye on their phone, INSIDE THE TOUR. So we knew Ye was here. Somewhere lmao.

Lil Uzi Vert up next! At 9pm. The sad part is I was actually excited for his set. Especially since I was lit — I become the ultimate fucking fan when I’m lit lmao. We couldn’t get over the fact that we were surrounded by children, but I’m used to it. Rang in New Year’s Eve with Uzi 2 years ago and will never forget how old I felt. He came out to “Sauce It Up” and the crowd lost their shit. Uzi got die-hard fans. “444+222,” “Do What I Want,” and “Money Longer” had everyone hyped. The last one for me especially.

Uzi was running around like a chicken with no head the entire set lmao he’s so lit. A ball of pure energy. He’s such a character, from his hair to his tattoos to his fashion. He then asked the crowd where the day 1 Uzi fans were at, and proceeded to crowd surf effortlessly. This lead right into DJ Carnage’s “WDWY,” which put Uzi on the map. That shit slapped in the club.

“Bad And Boujee” had Uzi all the way back to the VIP section. Like how does one man travel so fast lmao. Before you know it, KYLE is on the mic. Honestly, there was a lot going on and I had no idea where to look lmao. “7AM,” “The Way Life Goes,” “XO Tour Llif3,” and “You Was Right” left the crowd wanting more. He got off stage and the DJ dropped “Neon Guts” featuring Pharrell. Like, why didn’t he perform that? Lmao.

Maybe it was the strict set times, but all I know is I’m glad I stayed as long as I did because I got to witness Kanye West and all his glory. His surprise show last night got shut down before it started, so we knew he was going to be up to something tonight. It’s Saturday night of All-Star Weekend, and he could have been anywhere else in the city lmao. I’m the biggest Kid Cudi fan too. You already know. Cudi stan. I literally say dolo instead of solo cause of him, the same reason I saw brazy instead of crazy for YG.

Had to let this moment sink in lmao. Kanye literally introduced Cudi and dipped. He’s so weird too lmao. Eccentric might be the better word, like a sophisticated weird. Regardless, Ye is a genius. In all his endeavors. At this point, I leave Cudi’s set after he performs “Frequency” and could hear the entire set as I walked back to my car in the structure. It was kind of a walk too, so I got to hear a good majority. In fact, I’m about to get in my car and I hear the crowd literally scream their heads off: Kanye was back for “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1.” Honestly, it just makes me happy to see Kid Cudi this happy.

You know I had to pull up to YG’s Nighttime Boogie. This was YG, DJ Mustard, and a shit ton of friends. The full recap is on Power, but here are the highlights!

“I Just Wanna Party,” “Really Be,” and my favorite special guest of all-time…

MOZZY. Seeing him perform “Sleep Walking” at a YG show was everything.

“My Ni**a” will forever be the anthem.

This was so fire. Kamaiyah is my fav. They did “Why You Always Hatin.”

And then “Fuck It Up.” GO YAYA GO YAYA GO!

Next, he brought ou Blac Youngsta for “Booty.” TOOT TOOT.

Then he asked the crowd if he could play all the old shit, starting with “You Broke.” Slapper. “Pop It, Shake It” followed.

This was a moment lmao. It was hot af in there though. Fr. Jam-packed. The ladies loved it.

“Fuck Donald Trump” always. Hey Nipsey, please unblock me. They did “Last Time That I Checc’d” next. At this point, YG asks to see some titties. Smh. “Who Do You Love” had everyone straight screaming. The “YG 400” tag was everywhere. I was home.

Next, my favorite. YFN Lucci for “Everyday We Lit.” Then “Main Chick,” which ends with YG letting the crowd now that Ty$ was sad he couldn’t make it tonight. I was surprised.

Next was my favorite Hip Hop duo, fr. Rae Sremmurd performed “Black Beatles,” which at one point was as big as “Bodak Yellow.” Facts. They did “T’d Up,” their newest single, before getting off stage.

Then RJ for “Hoes Come Easy” and 21 Savage for “Bank Account.” This fool came straight from his set at adidas. These artists are working! Salute. And then the DJ dropped “Ice Tray” by Migos and I swore they were going to come out. They didn’t lmao.

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