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Mod Sun Turns The Roxy Upside Down > Twista Proves He’s A Legend At The Viper Room

February 19, 2018

Sunday, February 18th

What is life. Forever the question. What. Is. Life. Why are we all here? For what? I ask this question a lot when things are happening that I can’t comprehend. But anyways. Tonight was the last day of NBA All-Star Weekend. Thank goodness lmao. My evening began with a beautiful chat with my girl. The things I don’t take for granted.

Tonight was Mod Sun headlining The Roxy in Los Angeles on The BB Tour. It’s beautiful to remember I interviewed him here last time and he had just come forth about his problem with substance abuse. It had everything to do with his environment and being sucked into the pressures of Hollywood. Fast forward to 2018, and he’s headlining the show of his life.

Forreal though. I’ve never met a happier human being in my life. His energy brings me up, even when I don’t want to be brought up. You can’t help but smile when you’re around him, and that’s what I love most. Even better: it’s reflected in his music. After a million attempts at finding parking (Sunset is a bitch!), we finally make it inside. Mod was throwing a party on stage and the entire room was packed. And he’s got a hardcore fanbase. He performed “#Noshirton” and quickly chucked a cup of what looked like hard liquor on stage. Lit is an understatement.

Every time I hear “Spent All My Money…” I get so hyped. He reminds us all it’s okay to live life and have a good time. He shouted out MGK hella hard before performing “Shoot ‘Em Down” and rocking out in true MGK fashion. Btw, Mod Sun stands for “Movement on Dreams, Stand under None.” Again, such a positive energy. Shout out to Brennan on stage performing “Two.” And shout out to Rostrum Records for putting me on!

Sadly, I had to cut out to hit Twista at the Viper Room, which was actually only a couple blocks down. I still drove lmao. Shout out to Noor who accompanied me on this fine Sunday evening. Bae for life. We miraculously find a meter spot closer and as we’re walking up, I see Dame Dash and his girl Rocky. What are the chances? Like really though, what are the chances. I told him I was going to see Twista and he was ecstatic. He had no idea Twista was even performing and had to go inside to say hi. I attribute this to my girl who literally has been praying for moments like this. Organic, dope moments like this.

Twista is a fucking legend. I found that out more and more as the show started. He’s the hardest to ever spit. Man lmao. Legendary. Huge thanks to Cecy for this. He literally made headlines last night after getting into an altercation with a drunk guy leaving Jordan’s party. I had to commend his headlock lmao. He had that other guy trapped.

I’ve been to The Viper Room only a handful of times and can always appreciate it for what it is. Such a historical spot and the perfect setting for an intimate show such as this. Shit, Dame Dash was in here and didn’t even know Twista was going on later. That’s brazy. The people were out tonight too. It was packed from the stage to the bar. To the point where I wasn’t cold anymore.

This record had Twista paying tribute to Jonny P who passed. “Do Or Die” by Po Pimp is such a vibe.

Totally forgot about “Wetter.” That song is hella dirty, but still hella slaps.

“Slow Jamz” made my entire night. Totally forgot this song with Kanye and Jamie Foxx too.

Everyone knew this line and some point in their life. Even if you didn’t know the song, you knew the line. This was that song back in the day. And then he did “So Sexy” featuring R. Kelly. Speaking of, what a pimp this man is lmao. His music says it all. I couldn’t help but notice how fire his grill was when I was chatting with him too. Shit’s clean.

“Let’s Go.” Omg. Trick Daddy and Lil Jon. So nostalgic. “Like A Pimp” by David Banner followed suit. Where did all these people go? Lmao. Next, he brought out Beadz for “Go Hard,” which went hard (no pun intended). I’ve definitely heard that record before. “Girl Tonite” reminded me again that he’s a pimp one more time, before he dropped this record with Jeremih, “Next To You.”

Ran into the homie who laced me with a Famous Dex shirt outside. Merch is the way to my heart. We heard “Overnight Celebrity” walking out, and could have sworn we got contact high.

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