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T-Pain Proves Why He’s GOAT At The Novo In DTLA

February 24, 2018

Friday, February 23rd

Happy Friday! I made it to the end. Barely. Me after work.

Tonight was going to be a long night, but it began with an event I could not miss. T.F’s #ErThangSkanless listening party. If y’ll don’t know who T.F is, I got you. He was on ScHoolboy Q’s “Tookie Knows II.” Q actually brought T.F out at his sold-out show at The Shrine. Not only is he dope af, but he’s family. Shout out to Marcos and Jess, I would do anything for them. Listen to his No Hooks EP before this, and then listen to #ErThangSkanless afterward. This is a real-life story of a man who grew up on the streets of LA. And shout out to @streetportraitsla for this album cover. Shit is hard.

This ended up being a lituation. Not that I EVER underestimate them, but I was so impressed. And I go to a shit ton of listenings parties, and this one just felt more personal. It was in a real intimate setting at SoundBite Studios in downtown LA. This entire set up was so artsy and creative — I honestly couldn’t get over it. The minute I step inside, I spot T.F with his cheesy smile. He had the city out tonight.

Now we gotta get to my favorite part: the car in the middle of the studio, which was the same car in his “Residential” music video. It gets better. Inside the car, you could sit and watch the video… in VR. Virtual reality! That was the dopest concept I’ve seen in a minute. It was like a ride in a theme park. And the car had bricks in the trunk. I was dying. Open bar and bleezies all around. I honestly didn’t wanna leave. Speaking of, shout out to Q out supporting. Low key in the corner but not really low key with his bright ass orange beanie lmao. Q is GOAT.

Went from Burbank, to downtown, and now to West Hollywood. I swear, my gas tank will be the death of me. Tonight was also G Perico‘s So Way Out Tour at The Roxy on Sunset. Another artist I truly fuck with. I’ve been having this show in my planner for months, since before it was announced lmao. Last time G performed here was for his All Blue release party, and that shit was a movie. Shout out to Pun — I’d do anything for him too. G Perico literally rapped his way to the top. And he ain’t stoppin’ anytime soon.

I had to pull up in time to catch Garren‘s set. I was super excited to see him on the bill. I know he’s been working, and it’s always so dope to see him in his element. Last time, Garren brought out G Perico at his first headlining show Sayers club. The support is so real here, especially among LA artists. I was frantically cutting across town to catch his set and was so glad I caught “Conversations.” Great record. He closed with my favorite “LA $hit” featuring G Perico. Those vocals.

I went backstage to say hi to Garren and came back out to G tearing up the stage. He had that blue bandana on under his hat which just reminds me of his come up. He was literally locked up in prison and now he’s got the legendary Roxy packed. It’s truly inspirational. He performed my favorite record of his, “Shit Don’t Stop” before “What Up Cuz.”

“All Blue” is another favorite of mine. G Perico is in his own lane, with his own flow, his own style, and his own look. I remember we became friends on stage at a Dom Kennedy show. It’s been love ever since. I couldn’t help but notice 03 Greedo on stage. I’m a new fan. G also told the crowd he was sick af, but had to perform for Los Angeles. It’s crazy to think an artist is always on the clock. The average person sick would just take the day off. It’s not that easy for them.

G brought Garren back out to perform “Normal.” He killed it. He performed “World On Wheels (Interlude)” off 2 Tha Left next. No lie I was just listening to this today. I always listen and revisit their catalog on show day. It helps me get hyped for the show. Next thing you know, G Perico brings out Polyester The Saint for the crip walk of a lifetime. Shit was lit.

And then back downtown for Teddy Pain. You guys, T-Pain is a legend. I remember I called Waka Flocka a legend, and my girl told me to reevaluate my definition of a legend lmao. But T-Pain is GOAT. The soundtrack to my high school/college years. Damn, I feel hella old. But if there’s one man that can sell out The Novo at 1am at night, it’s him. I actually caught him here at the same venue last time, and he sold that bitch out too. Tonight was no different.

Epic moment. It’s literally 1:10am at this point. Shout out to The Novo for having the manpower to put on 2 shows back to back. That’s a lot of overtime lmao. And shout out to Owen for this. This show was definitely one for the culture. NAPPY BOY. He runs out on stage and starts giggin’ to “Roll In Peace” by Kodak Black. Until I realize it’s his rendition: the T-Mix. You know I was hyped. Huge Kodak fan.

He performs “Booty Wurk” at which point I realize, T-Pain still got it. He still got the juice, the moves, the charm. He literally had the energy to be running across one end of the stage to the next, all throughout the night. It was amazing. Performing “Cyclone” by Baby Bash and “Two Step Remix” by Unk began the trip down memory lane.

“Buy U A Drank.” Self-explanatory.

The crowd was so here for it. Shout to my girl Sandrine with me in the pit. We were in heaven.

“The Boss” by Rick Ross had me screaming out the lyrics. I love Rozay. I love T-Pain. He broke out with “Maybach Music 2.5” next. I was melting.

He asked the crowd who’s ready to board Nappy Boy Airlines, and proceeds to pretend strap his seat belt. He was so animated on stage. So much personality, humor, and nothing but good vibes. He gives a nice little speech saying they tried to write him off, but “they can’t stop greatness.” He slides in a “God’s Plan” comment, which had us all cheering. Drake did that. This lead right into “Good Life” by Kanye West. The crowd lost their shit. So many hits I forgot T-Pain had in his left pocket. I took a look around at the crowd, the balcony, the pit, and just appreciated the respect T-Pain has from his fans. “Blame It” by Jamie Foxx is another one, but nothing beats “Can’t Believe It” featuring Lil Wayne. Nothing.

“I’m Sprung” part 1.

And part 2. Melting.

He performed “U And Dat” next which had him getting hyphy on stage. Shout out E-40. That song literally takes me back to high school and the devil child I was. And then he turned it all the way up a notch with the EDM “Turn Down For What.”  Shit got real for a sec. “Up Down” was next, my girl’s favorite. Teddy Pain for President.

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