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A.Chal, Cut Snake, Mura Masa & D.R.A.M. Take Over Air + Style Day 1 At Expo Park

March 4, 2018

Saturday, March 3rd

Happy Saturday! Today marks day one of the annual Air + Style festival taking place at Exposition Park near downtown LA. Shout out to the genius behind it all, Shaun White, who created a snowboarding event in the middle of the city… with no snow. Pair this with an amazing lineup of artists and you have yourself a mini-Coachella [extreme sports edition]. Honestly, I’ve gone every year since it started, and it’s always a great fucking time. I remember when it was at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena — hella far. This year proved to be the best one yet.

Minus the cold. This was me the ENTIRE DAY/NIGHT. Smh. Definitely coming back tomorrow in a snow jacket. At one point, while we were inside the media tent, it started POURING. My entire world ended lmao. The only thing worse than being cold is being wet and cold. But also, have to take the time to thank Shane and Grace for being absolute sweethearts. Always such a pleasure to work with. A.Chal‘s set was from 3-4pm and I definitely was stuck outside trying to get inside. The will call line was brazy! I found out I was standing in the wrong line 10 minutes in and almost shed a tear lmao.

Sadly, woke up today to a text saying all the Power posts were taken down, because the festival had a deal with our competitor (iHeartMedia). Sad moment. All that hard work for nothing. But shout out to my amazing intern Elly for killing this. She got the dopest shots. I’ve been knowing A.Chal – from when he was this buzzing SoundCloud rapper to now signed with Epic. Proud moment. “Cuanto” featuring A$AP Nast is a straight banger. I remember I saw Nast perform it at the A$AP Mob show. So lit. “Love N Hennessy” is his biggest song. Remix with 2 Chainz and Nicky Jam though.

Shout out to Loren for this. Got to interview him again for Young California this time.

This ended up being the one pic I took today. I just froze the rest of the night lmao. Always good to see Alejandro though. He’s my favorite. Poor guy lost his voice too. He’s a trooper for performing.

Then we got to explore. The world is our playground! There’s SO much to do, to see, to watch, to play. I had a moment of appreciation for the festival and all it had to offer. Even the guy painting the huge Volkswagen van gave me the chills. Shout out Ricky Watts. It was the most vibrant colors against the pink sky — it was honestly gorgeous. And then we went to the Summer Stage to catch some of Cut Snake. EVERYONE WAS DANCING. Legit moving and having a great time. This honestly made my day. I go to so many shows where the crowd is just terrible. This is how concerts should be.

Eventually made our way to the other end of the park to the Winter Stage for Mura Masa’s set at 6pm. Love him and love his music. He’s so special. He hardly does press and manages to deliver every time I see him. He actually brought out Desiigner at FYF Fest last time. That was a great surprise. This time around, he brought out the same baddie from the UK to twerk and literally shut down the stage with him. We did some research and found out her name is Fliss. We arrived during “Second 2 None” and he eventually brings out another bae by the name of Bonzai to perform “What If I Go?” He finished strong with “Love$ick” and “Firefly.” What a great set. He said he came all the way from the UK for this.

Before it was time for D.R.A.M., I ended up reuniting with some old friends from college. UCSB nostalgia in full effect. It was so fucking good to see them. So good. We were all honestly wild. Can’t believe it was 10 years ago.

Shout out to Domo for this. DRAM was feeling under the weather so he canceled all press, but I got to swing by his trailer for a couple drops. He’s always so happy. I love it.

DRAM, formerly known as Big Baby DRAM, just exudes positive energy. Shout out to Elly again for these shots. He performed “Cute” and asked the crowd who love their mommas. I swear he’s a child at heart (totally just made the “Big Baby” connection). I think last time I saw him at El Rey, he was presented with a plaque. So fire. I’ve watched his career skyrocket.  “Cash Machine” is another feel-good record, followed by “Cha Cha” and “Broccoli.”

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