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Billie Eilish Sells Out The El Rey At 16 Years Old

March 8, 2018

Wednesday, March 7th

Happy Wednesday. I’m back. Been moving the past 2 days and it’s been pure hell. Also, this meme was made for me.

God bless A.Chal. This is some serious fire marketing. I remember when he was just this mysterious SoundCloud artist, and now he’s signed to Epic. Hard work pays off.

Fast forward through the evening, tonight was a show I could not miss. Honestly, when I heard “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish, I fell in love. And then I found out she was 16 and I lost my shit lmao. This is her WHERES MY MIND Tour, and she literally blew me away. Not going to lie, I had low expectations. Like, she’s so young. And here she is selling out the El Rey, one of LA’s most popular venues. Artists dream of performing here. Homegirl is 100% on track to becoming a superstar.

Plus, this is her hometown. I enter the venue around 9:30pm to find the words “sold out” everywhere. It was apparent the minute I stepped in. I quickly noticed the die-hard fans. As I’m waiting in the photo pit, I just hear these high-pitched screams from the crowd as the show begins. The lights come off and all of a sudden two men come out in jumpsuits and shoot money from these toy guns. I was so impressed by everything from the production and stage lights to her outfit. How tf is she only 16? She performed an explosive “bellyache” and I just remember thinking: she was made for this.

She performed “idontwannabeyouanymore” next, a song I had been replaying the past few days in anticipation of this show. I think I tweeted this last night after my quick run (after I finally found my running shoes). Her entire don’t smile at me EP is pure fire.

“&burn” featuring Vince staples is gold. Speaking of, my interview with Vince came out today. Was thrilled when I saw she got him on a record. She performed “Bored” next and I realized the crowd knew all the words verbatim. I think part of the attraction is that she’s so fucking real. And someone who isn’t afraid to be herself. Being so young makes her so relatable to the youth. One fan succeeded in passing Billie a handwritten note while on stage. So cute.

She did “Six Feet Under” next, before introducing her live band, which included her brother. She even gave him the mic to sing a song and shine. Talent definitely runs in the family. She brought out a mini-guitar next and covered Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” Amazing. This lead right into “Party Favor.” AMAZING stage presence. Next, she sang a song that’s not even out yet called “when the party’s over.” It was a nice transition in the middle of the turn up. She thanked everyone for existing and even shouted out the opener Reo Cragun, which I’m so sad I missed. That’s my guy. I was dying when I heard someone in the front say “he is fine as hell.” I literally looked back and saw she was like 12.

“Ocean Eyes” made my entire night.

She said she had one song left, which was a lie because she ended up doing two or three more after that lmao. “My Boy” was definitely special. Some girl in the front asked her to dedicate it to a guy named Spencer. She ended up jokingly saying, “Hey Spencer, fuck you,” which made the entire room laugh. The encore was fueled by a “Billie” chant over and over and over. This girl is special. Many thanks to Jamie and Alex for this! Had to see her before she gets too big lmao.

Had to stop by Talib Kweli‘s show at The Regent in DTLA on my way home. Had to. “Hot Thing” had me literally nostalgic.

Talib is a legend. He brought us back to Jackson 5 from the 70’s. Love him.

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