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Desiigner & Steve Aoki Got Broads In Los Angeles On #KolonyTour

March 10, 2018

Friday, March 9th

Happy Friday. Had a crazy hectic day yesterday so I limited myself to just one show tonight. Shout out to Arin Ray’s Platinum Fire project though. Been bumping that ALL DAY.

Tonight was Steve Aoki’s Kolony Tour featuring Desiigner, Grandtheft, Deorro, Bok Nero, and Max Styler (to name a few) at the good old Shrine. Last time I was here for G-Eazy I was reminded how old I was lmao. The crowd is always so young and so turnt. It trips me out because I totally used to be one of them. Shout out to Mike for this. This show had been in my calendar since it was announced. If you know good music and like EDM even the slightest, this was for you. Steve Aoki is a fucking inspiration man. His story, his come up… you literally can’t knock his hustle. He began by just throwing parties and that eventually lead to one of the biggest independent record labels to-date: Dim Mak.

I have to first take the time to talk about how the cuteness overload in Desiigner and Steve’s friendship. I just creeped both their pages and couldn’t help but notice the love and support from both ends. Desiigner gets the automatic cosign from “Panda” and working with Ye. And Steve Aoki a machine. Together, their litness levels are beyond words.

Was able to link with Desiigner to get a drop backstage (shout out Shelli) and ran into Dice Soho. My other fav! I seriously love when I see dope artists fucking with each other. They got some heat too.

Desiigner’s set time was 10:30pm and surprisingly, he was on at 10:30pm. I feel like EDM shows are always on time, but rap is another story lmao. Like, Erykah Badu took foreva. He opened his set with “Caliber” and it wasn’t long before the entire venue caught on to his glory. Seriously, his energy is unmatched. People who hate need to literally find another hobby because this is someone who genuinely loves life and spreads his positive energy everywhere he goes. Every person he meets, he treats as if you’re his best friend. It’s admirable, really.

Every record was fire. Peep this dance. Bless his soul.

And then he brings up hella broads from LA lmao. Ironically, I’m heading to Atlanta today. Watch these kids stage dive though. I hope their friends recorded them so they can show their parents.

And then a girl straight up climbs on top of his shoulders. Also another one for the parents lmao.

I had no idea he was actually going to bring Dice Soho out, so this made me smile. Dice performed his last single “Giraffe.” Shit slaps. Hate the words, but shit slaps lmao. They did a new song together before getting off stage.

Next up was MY favorite joint from Desiigner: “Timmy Turner.” This lead right into his record with Kanye, “Pt. 2.” The crowd went nuts. I felt it too.

Mood. Except he ended up performing “Panda” literally in the crowd, so we couldn’t even see him. I think people were just watching his hype man, who I swear had the time of his life on stage tonight. He was jumping, stage diving, and crowd surfing. What a job.

You guys, I love Aoki lmao. He never lets down. He starts every set off in the most explosive way, reminiscent of a Vegas nightclub. He performed a new song off his last album Kolony, which is STACKED with features. Gucci, Migos, Makonnen, 2 Chainz, Uzi… to name a few. He’s also a killer producer. Like I said, Steve is a machine,

Before I got kicked out of the photo pit, I saw a girl pass out and get carried out by security. Speaking of security, Desiigner’s bodyguard tonight had the biggest bicep I’d ever seen lmao. That shit was insane. He also played his record with the guitarist of Rage Against The Machine, Tom Morello. 

Also, so dope Vin Diesel came through. Real recognize real.

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