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Lil Skies Sells Out 2 Shows At The Echoplex At 19 Years Old

March 16, 2018

Thursday, March 15th

Happy Thursday! Today marks Nate Dogg’s death day. RIP to a legend.

Tonight was the night Lil Skies was coming to LA for his Life Of A Dark Rose Tour, in light of his most recent mixtape. I found out about Lil Skies a while back, my homie told me to watch out for him. I hate to bring social numbers into this, but this was when he was in like the 50K’s. Now, he’s got a million on IG. Respect. His record “Red Roses” featuring Landon Cube is PURE flames. I literally feel like I could listen to this record over and over and never get sick of it. That’s when you know you’ve got a hit.

The show took place at The Echoplex, with not one, but TWO sold out shows. Early and late show (The Novo status). I can always respect when artists do that. Like, it’s work for them too. That takes stamina. I enter the packed venue a couple minutes after 8pm to find him already on stage. Shout out to prompt set times. As I was checking in at the front, I heard a fan behind me say “He always opens with this song.” It was “Welcome To My Rodeo,” the first song on the project. Don’t think there is a better song to open with lmao. The moment I was actually inside, I felt everyone’s energy, along with Skies’. I’m a fan. Shout out to Roderick, Chelsey, and Nicholas — loved every moment of this.

Our Twitter is down so I felt useless lmao. This is happening to so many companies, it’s crazy. I remember when Genius’ went down the one weekend they threw an event in LA. Anyways. His entire set was a little under an hour, so I got to genuinely spend time which each record he performed. He did “Creeping” and “Lust” before he climbed the side stage. The crowd went wild lmao. He’s got fans, man. Hella fans. It’s dope. I think the last time I was at this venue, I saw Lil Peep. RIP. That stung a little. :/

I couldn’t help but notice his Gucci shirt, which eventually came off. Revealing his heavily tatted body. Shout out to my guy Hershel who literally inked him earlier that day. Fam. The dope people in the industry always find each other. He did “Strictly Business,” a song I fell in love with tonight. He says, “Wanna make it with the people that was there from the start / I don’t need no new people, they gon’ tear me apart.” “Lettuce Sandwich” was next, which is when his shirt came off. That just goes to show how fire this record is.

“Big Money” was next before he commented that the bass was too loud. This show was lit. I was here for it. He brought out Landon Cube for “Nowadays,” which they performed twice tonight. That’s my second favorite song after “Red Roses.” I would say Skies is in that Trippie Redd, XXX lane (which isn’t a bad thing, at all). Their hybrid of R&B, trap, and Hip Hop is so fire to me. Next was “Kill4u” and “Lonely” by Yung Bans. And then the song we were all waiting for: “Red Roses.” Him climbing up top reminded me of Tory Lanez here. He was literally Spiderman. Also, Landon admitted he was drunk af lmao. He then asked the crowd what they wanted to hear and everyone was screaming “Cloudy Skies.” It was cute. He finished with “Pop Star,” “The Clique” and “Rude,” before round 2 of “Red Roses” and “Nowadays.”

The next stop of the evening was All Def Music‘s All Def LA show: a concert for the fans. Free.99. I love this. It’s such a fucking great concept and gives back to the fans. The bill tonight was the best part: Mozzy, P-Lo, Guapdad4000, and Aux Cord deejaying. The second I walk through the doors, all I heard was Bay slaps. He even dropped “I’m Shinin'” by The Pack. Literally home.

Shout out to my spirit animal, Guapdad 4000. Pure love. This kid is hilarious. Actually finally got to hear his Scamboy Color project too, shout out to Stockz for the reminder. It’s fire.

P-Lo next. “Light This Bitch Up” had me turnt. “That’s that Bay shit!” P-Lo is also my spirit animal. “Blue Hunnids” by Kool John had me even more turnt. And then hella bitches came on stage. The show got a tiny bit ratchet for a sec lmao. Nothing compared to Atlanta rachet though. I miss that city. “Bitch I Look Good” by Kool John and “Feel Good” with G-Eazy were next. This reminded me of his More Than Anything listening. Literally went dumb. It was great. And of course, “Put Me On Somethin'” always puts everyone in the best mood ever.

Californa on my license plate.

Mozzy was the headliner, and I kid you not, this was the most packed I’ve ever seen an All Def LA show. First off, happy birthday to his manager Dave. It’s been all love since day one. They even got him a huge cake backstage. Shout out to Jade and Sydney and the entire team at All Def. They are the fucking best.

I had no intention of staying the whole show lmao I was going to go work out. I was just gonna make sure the homie Duke got his interviews (shout out Weedmaps) and dip. That definitely didn’t happen. Before I knew it, it was 11:30pm. We were posted right next to the stage and I really couldn’t help but think Mozzy’s pants were gonna fall lmao. They were sagging so hard. Salute to him. Also heard Sam say, “Mozzy’s female fans are the best” and that’s when I actually took notice. These girls definitely love Mozzy. He performed records off his project 1 Up Top Ahk along with “So 4Real.”

Mozzy performed “Can’t Take It” before one of my favorite songs of 2017: “Sleep Walkin.”


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