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A$AP Ferg, Denzey Curry & IDK Shut Down The Novo In LA On Mad Man Tour

March 17, 2018

Friday, March 16th

Happy Friday! I was feeling like shit today but after work, I went on a run to clear my head and just got back from seeing some of my favorite artists give the most lit performances. Also, a couple wins today. First, my Murs interview went up the exact day I was hoping it would. I literally got out of bed at 5am to write this lmao. This meant a lot to publish on his birthday AND the day his new album came out. If you like Hip Hop, do yourself a favor and bump A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable.

Also, super stoked to announce I’ll be contributing to Weedmaps/ for their culture section. Huge thanks to Duke for this amazing opp. I’ve always dreamed of working with cannabis and this is low-key perfect. Each Friday, we’ll be publishing a What Would Shirju Do? section, to give you a preview of all the dope upcoming events or shows in the city. At 4:20pm. Literally couldn’t be more perfect.

And here we are. The long-awaited, highly-anticipated A$AP Ferg show at The Novo in downtown LA. They upped their parking prices underneath LA Live and I can’t get used to it lmao. That shit used to be $5 under 2 hours. But anyways. This was worth every cent. I’ve seen Ferg plenty of times, which goes to show why he’s one of my favorite rappers. Being from the Bay, I’m into straight bangers. Records that slap and make you want to get up and run a mile. That’s Ferg. I literally love everything he puts out. I remember I got the pleasure of interviewing him last year and found out he doesn’t smoke. Mind-blown.

BUT FIRST: Denzel Curry. One of my favorite Hip Hop performers EVER. His energy is seriously unmatched. I was actually running super late and had to run my ass inside to get get a good shot. He was performing “Threatz” and it just reminded me of all the past times I’ve seen him. I literally turn up every single time. Next, he asks the crowd if he can play some new shit, proceeding to teach them to chant “Run it up” followed by “Switch it up” (with a little help from his DJ Posh). I think he did “Chief Forever” next. I’m obssessed with his voice lmao.

This next part is insane. He asks the crowd to make a clear path, as he brings IDK back out. They were hilarious on the mic. LA traffic did not allow me to make IDK’s set, but I’m such a huge fucking fan of his. I also had the pleasure of interviewing him last time. They literally broke the world record for longest crowd surf. I don’t even know how they got in there lmao. All I know is I look up for one second and see them on top of the people. It was brazy. Definitely adding “No Wave” to my Apple Music (they also just dropped another banger today called “Uh Huh”).

Before they got off, they turned up to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” IDK then made the disclaimer that after crowd surfing for 3 minutes, he still had his wallet in his pocket. He’s a real one lmao. Makes me love his music even more.

Next, Denzel goes Super Saiyan for “Ultimate.” He literally snaps on this record. “Sumo” was next as he hyped the crowd for Ferg.

The suspense leading up to A$AP Ferg‘s set was perfect. This entire tour was so theatrical: production wise, lights wise,  sound wise, everything wise. And they LITERALLY could not have hand-picked a better lineup. Anyways. Ferg came out to “Trap And A Dream” which is honestly one of my favorites. That’s the intro to Still Striving and features my other fav, Meek Mill. I was in the photo pit for this, and I could not get over how strong the bass was. My entire body was shaking as air blew out from the speakers into my face lmao. Shit was wild. The clip above is “Aww Yeah” featuring Lil Yachty. Ugh, I love him lmao.

“Nandos” was the record he started spitting into the cameras on either side of him, as it was displayed on the huge LSD screen behind him. No bias, that shit was so fire. It was like one of those cameras that shot every angle and every side, and the end product was a mash of all of them. Next was “Coach Cartier,” probably the most slept on track on the project. Then he slowed things down with a real personal record, asking fans if he could tell them a story through his words. “Tango” actually closes out the project, so you know how much that means to him. He paid tribute to A$AP Yams twice. In this moment, I turn to my right and see a fan reciting every single word to this song. Almost shed a tear. It was beautiful.

And then it was time to turn up. “One Night Savage” lead right into “Mattress” featuring A$AP Rocky, which lead right into “Olympian” featuring Dave East. New York, stand up. And then he got cozy on the floor by literally laying down on the stage, proceeding to perform “What Do U Want” featuring Nav and “Nasty (Who Dat).” These two were for the ladies. This lead right into Carnage’s “WDYW” (I see what he did there). There’s just something about this record every time the beat drops.

New Level ⬆️ #ASAPferg

Posted by Power 106 Los Angeles on Friday, March 16, 2018

Then Ferg got into his old stuff. That trill A$AP Mob catalog. “Hella Hoes,” “Yamborghini High,” and a quick outfit change from all-white to baby blue. Paired with a blinged-out chain, Ferg was looking fresh to death. “East Coast” was next, which had the entire Novo shaking. “Shabba” began the long list of hits, including “Work” and “New Level.”

And of course, “Plain Jane” — one of my top 10 of 2017.

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