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Taylor Bennett (Chance The Rapper’s Brother) Brought Chicago To The Roxy In Los Angeles

March 19, 2018

Sunday, March 18th

Happy Sunday! Spent all day writing per usual. I’m starting to think I need a life. But this was a topic I’m really passionate about. Real lyricism in Hip Hop.

Fast forward through the day, tonight was the LA Clippers vs. Portland Trail Blazers at Staples Center. First off, RIP Blake Griffin lmao. I never thought the day would come (he got traded to the Pistons). Second off, shout out to the legend for these fucking amazing tickets that I do not deserve. Seriously. This is the second closest I’ve ever been to the court, and my first time was with him too lmao. We actually met at UCLA because he was rocking a Clippers jacket, and I was like, wtf are you a Clippers fan for lmao. Been tight ever since.

Before you guys jump to conclusions, we are strictly friends. He actually ran the LA Marathon today, and I honestly don’t even know how’s alive (in 4 hours, at that). I literally fell asleep for a total of 18 minutes before my alarm went off, and this Dubs hoodie is the first thing I grabbed. Definitely got shit from a couple people, but also have no problem reppin’ my city. Tonight ended up being Mexican culture night or something along those lines. All I know was it was a party, full of live music and dancing. I was here for it. Clippers games are the perfect outing. This was seriously the break I needed.

They’re literally at the cusp of qualifying for the playoffs and needed this W lmao. But unfortunately fell short. I loved seeing all these players up close though. Shout out to DeAndre Jordan being the new face of the team too. Makes sense. I had a great time people watching in our seat also lmao. I’m dying at JAG’s response lmao. Really though, not sure if it’s cause we were in the bougie area, but bitches were in full on heels. I can’t.

Next up, headed right back to The Roxy for another show that I could not miss. Taylor Bennett is Chance The Rapper’s little brother, and he’s super fucking talented. Huge thanks to Alex for this. Unfortunately, I missed the opener Kami, but I listened to his music earlier today and couldn’t help but fall in love. His music reminds me of Vic Mensa’s, which makes sense because he’s part of his SAVE MONEY crew. Chi-town in the building.

We arrive a little after 10pm to find literally Chance’s brother on stage. I’m sure he wants to separate himself from that title, but man do they look alike lmao. It’s cute. It may not have been the most packed venue, but the energy was super lit. Taylor has amazing stage presence. There were even people who came from Chicago here to support. He did “Play My Part” before asking the crowd to get closer to the stage. He’s definitely an artist that cares about the people having a good time. Much appreciated.

Next, he performed his single “Minimum Wage” and brought out Bianca Shaw for “So High.” He actually just signed her as the first artist on his own label, Tay Bennett Entertainment. He also shouted her out for being a strong, black female. This was beautiful.

Speaking of lyricism, I loved how much Taylor puts on for Hip Hop and creating real music that feeds the soul. Next, he performed my favorite record of his, “Broad Shoulders” featuring Chance The Rapper. 

He literally had the whole room swaying from side to side. And then he closed it off with “Minimum Wage” one more time, for good measure.


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