Big Sean Brings Detroit to Los Angeles at Puma’s SS18 Collection Launch

March 23, 2018

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It was a beautiful Monday evening in Los Angeles, and Big Sean and Puma threw one of the events of the year.

The Chicago rapper recently teamed up with the sport lifestyle brand at Goya Studios in Hollywood for the release of their SS18 collaboration. This was far from your typical collection launch — this brought the entire concept to life.

The details were not to be missed. With the help of the production team at AOK, Sean Don’s roots in Detroit were replicated in the City of Angels. The creative build was able to cover all aspects of his upbringing, from where he cut his hair to his favorite eatery

The outdoor event took place in a parking lot, providing a setting where attendees could socialize and let loose after a long day at the office. While this event was exclusive, the turnout was impressive, as the good vibes and positive energy proved. From the mirrored stage, to the Harold’s Chicken Shack food truck, to the pop-up barbershop where Sean Don cuts his hair — and even his own personal barber, Kahlil Sledge, doing the grooming!

“It was really dope working with Big Sean’s team on this and bringing the campaign alive,” David Salazar, the associate creative director and lead creative on the project, tells the LA Weekly. “It was all about juxtaposition, finding things that you don’t find in normal spaces. So we really brought his campaign to life in this studio parking lot. It’s a combination of his barbershop — super fresh, super fly. Everyone’s having a good time.”

The music, provided by DJ Mo Beatz, Big Sean’s official DJ, was phenomenal. Around 8:30 p.m., eager fans flocked to the mainstage for the grand finale: a performance by Big Sean himself. Beginning his set with an explosive “Go Legend,” Sean ended up giving his most motivational speech to date.

He said, “All the work I put in, everything I put in, don’t think that was an overnight success type of story. I have been grinding for years and had mixtapes and was ready for that moment. And that is luck — when preparation meets opportunity. I hope that your guys’ preparation meets your opportunity if it hasn’t already, because it has definitely changed my life and has helped inspire me to go greater and beyond what I’ve done.

“Because honestly, I haven’t done much in my career. I got three Platinum albums and done sold 30 million singles or something like that. But guess what though? I’m not saying that to brag, I’m saying that because every day I wake up, I feel like there’s so much more. And all I ever wanted was a Platinum album. All I ever wanted was a gold Rolex. All I ever wanted was this… and I still wake up and don’t feel 100 percent fulfilled with my life. I feel like I got more to do. I feel like I got more to say. I feel like there’s a lot that I haven’t tapped in.”

He proceeded to remind everyone that being from Detroit, there was no one like him that made it out of the slumps (there was Eminem, but he didn’t look like him). The rest of the pep talk consisted of Big Sean highlighting how blessed he was, the perfect segue into his hit record “Blessings” featuring Drake. Sean Don performed Kanye West’s “Mercy” and “Clique,” along with his own record “I Don’t Fuck With You” featuring E-40.

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