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Wyclef Jean Performs Timeless Hits At The Regent In DTLA

March 25, 2018

Saturday, March 24th

Happy Saturday! I’m feeling blessed right now. First off, got to go to Y7 Yoga today, and came outside to the most BEAUTIFUL weather in La La Land. *days like this*

Fast forward to the early evening, I was meeting Wyclef Jean at The Regent for a quick interview after soundcheck. I was just here for All Def LA’s show with Mozzy. I just love how they call this the green room because the couches are green lmao. We ended up having a 25-minute convo. This man is a legend, and everything that comes out of his mouth is so wise and so profound. Huge thanks to Rachel, Madeline, and Maryelena who are all absolute sweethearts. I was just so grateful for the opp.

If you guys need a refresher, Wyclef was part of The Fugees with Lauryn Hill — one of the greatest Hip Hop groups of all time. Beyond that, what he’s doing now is so great. For his new project, Wyclef Goes Back To School, he’s scouting and recruiting talent from each city he hits while on tour, and allowing them to be featured on his new mixtape. Talk about giving back, everything comes full circle. Even crazier is when I texted my intern the audio to transcribe, she told me he spoke in her class at USC. EVERYTHING COMES BACK AROUND.

Next, I head to my brother’s before my next spot, and I came across this incredible video by JAG. I got to interview him for Young California, and that’s when I figured out he can fucking spit He’s literally so dope. You guys need to watch this clip. And wait for the story behind filming it. Just wait.

Tonight was Maxo Kream‘s show at The Roxy on his Punken Tour. I’m embarrassed to say I hella tried to link with him, but his team ghosted me lmao. Proof that I’m not as lit as people think I am… at all lmao. BUT, I do fuck with his music and I was here to support. Maxo hails from Houston, and I just know him from his turn up records. I’m not sure where I first heard him, but his shit slaps. I’m actually sad to have missed the opener Cuz Lightyear cause that’s the homie.

I was surprised to see it wasn’t a sold-out show, but the fans were definitely out here for Maxo. He had them jumping up and down the majority of his set. He performed “Work,” “Capeesh” featuring Trippie Redd and “Bussdown.” He followed it up with saying he just came to party and see titties. Ridic lmao. The crowd was seriously here for him though. They were geeked. He asked who was popping pills in this motherfucker, which made me smh lmao. He performed “Pop Another, “Love Drugs, “Shop,” and “Out The Door” featuring Key!

And then he took his shirt off, revealing is v tatted body lmao and did “Clientele.” And then my entire night was made. AD, G Perico, and TF hop all stage out of nowhere. “Crips Live Matter” was so lit lmao I ran over to say hi to all of them. Literally, love them. Sorry Maxo, you in LA tonight.

Back to The Regent I go. Yo, Salute to Wyclef. He is phenomenal live. So much energy and so much heart. I truly, truly respect this man. Did you guys know he ran for President of Haiti? Legend lmao. I walk into a jam-packed venue and sneak all the way to the front (the pros of having no life and going to shows alone). He didn’t come on until almost midnight but when he did, all was forg0tten. “Ready Or Not” by The Fugees is top 10. And then he went into a freestyle and ended it with “Fuck Donald Trump!” which had the crowd cheering. He honestly had so many noteworthy moments from the evening. One was about how Young Thug is only 24, and he’s 48. And how 48 is the new 24. The old heads loved this lmao.

Wyclef feels very strongly about these new cats and calls them the millennials. He literally thanked God for them. If there’s one thing you got from this show tonight, it was a good time. Wyclef made sure of it. He hopped in the crowd, threw water all over his head like a punk rocker, brought the Carnival to the stage, jumped up and down (literally), turned up to Too Short, and much more. He also incorporated political messages into his set. He had a bar that said, “If you’re under 18, you should not get firearms,” and ended it with “Black Lives Matter.” He even freestyled in Spanish and rapped the Chinese numbers. There are so many people that fuck with him too. He shouted out his best friend Dave Chappelle and told us the story of how him and DJ Khaled met — in the form of a rap song.

Did you guys know he wrote this Carlos Santana song?! “Maria Maria” is timeless. And this is where Khaled comes in because he had to actually call Wyclef for clearance on the “Wild Thoughts” sample with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. Brazy. It doesn’t get much doper than this either. Wyclef playing the guitar behind his head, without even looking, hitting every single note. Did you guys know he’s the first Hip Hop guitarist? Later in the show, he goes, “If you don’t know who I am, ask Kanye West.

And then he brought out Moira Mack for “911.” She’s one of the rare chosen few he scouted, what he likes to call raw talent. After she performed though, I totally saw it. I understood his vision. The capacity in which she hit those notes… bruh. He said he was going to send it to Mary J. Blige after lmao. I loved that. And then he performed “Gone Till November,” which he calls the first trap song ever. Salute to a legend.

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