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Roy Woods Brought Out PnB Rock For “Everyday We Lit” On Say Less Tour

March 31, 2018

Friday, March 30th

Happy Friday! Another day another dollar. Another special edition of What Would Shirju Do? on Weedmaps/ Let’s get it!

Tonight was Roy Woods’ Say Less Tour at The Novo in Los Angeles. Last time I saw him was at The Roxy, where he brought out the OVO boss himself, DRAKE. If you know this venue, you know it’s a big fucking deal for Drizzy to pull up. Speaking of, Roy is signed to OVO, Drake’s label. Automatic cosign. Besides creating that bedroom R&B, he’s a phenomenal performer. I literally had a BLAST at the last show. Shout out to my girl Ari for being my date again. I needed this.

The Novo is definitely a step up from The Roxy, and he still sold this bitch out. We couldn’t help but notice how packed the balcony was. Packed with die-hard Roy Woods fans who knew all the lyrics to his songs. I remember looking up at one point and seeing every single person singing along. Shit was beautiful. He came on around 10:30pm and did a pretty long set, almost 1.5 hours. “Get You Good” was the perfect opening song. I definitely feel like I caught him early on in his career, no flex. I just think it’s so dope how far he’s come. He performed “How I Feel” and “Medusa” before the most heartfelt message to the crowd: “I love you. I love all of you.”

He performed “Jealousy,” which had the entire crowd so hyped. Every time he came over by them, they flocked and screamed like teenagers. Which is actually okay because some definitely were lmao. He did “The Way You Sex” next, which comes off his last album Say Less. This song had him literally reenacting what goes down in the bedroom. It was ratchet but it was also great. I can honestly appreciate his stage presence. He literally puts on a show for the people with each song he performs.

Next was “Gwan Big up Urself” off his 2016 project Waking At Dawn. Definitely a standout song of his.

Next, he did the song his entire tour is named after: “Say Less.” I low key was just stoked to use this emoji lmao. Roy Woods had the dance moves all night. I could not get enough of him. He also did a couple outfit changes, which lead to no shirt underneath a swag jean jacket. He definitely had the females on lock. Next was “Monday To Monday,” another favorite of mine. I think I just like them all lmao. “Little Bit Of Lovin” and “Switch” before the special guest of the evening.

PnB Rock! OH YEA. Love him. Still one of my favorite interviews to date. They did their song “Balance” featuring dvsn. I literally turn to my girl and go, “If he does ‘Everyday We Lit’, I’ma lose my shit.” Next thing you know, the beat drops. I honestly fucking love this song. It just makes you appreciate life.

They performed “Lowkey” off PnB’s Catch These Vibes. Also with 24hrs. Fire. Also, can we talk about how PnB had wads of cash in his pockets? Just chillin’. On top of his tight ass skinny jeans. I can’t lmao.

Roy performed “Top Left” and “Bb” before this epic moment: a chick took off her bra and threw it on stage. I think this might be a good time to point out the couple in front of us having sex on the dance floor lmao. Roy Woods man, Roy Woods.

The song we were all waiting for: “Drama” featuring Drake. Literally was stuck on this song when it first came out. STUCK. He did “Back Up” featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR and “Instinct” next. We love you, Roy. <3

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