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Marshmello Sells Out Every Last Ticket At The Los Angeles Convention Center

April 1, 2018

Saturday, March 31st

Happy Saturday. I had to drive all the way to Encino — it was an hour each way. No lie, I listened to the same song the entire ride over lmao. Crazy. Inspired by Roy Woods last night, it was “Lowkey” by PnB Rock featuring 24 and Roy. Totally slept on his Catch These Vibes album.

The reason for the drive was because I had a gnarly dental procedure, or what the doctor likes to call surgery. I had an implant fail so I had to get it re-done, which meant cutting my gums open. For someone with the lowest pain tolerance, I can’t even talk about it. So weak. Afterward, I decided to finally redeem my first class at Hot Box Infrared Studio in DTLA. Honestly, I was feeling super down after working for a couple hours at Starbucks, and realized my mouth was still bleeding so I couldn’t work out. I majorly crave endorphins on the weekend. Since I couldn’t be active, I chose the next best things: SWEAT IT OUT. Aka, sweat out the bullshit.

Honestly, my entire experience there was phenomenal. From the phone call asking if they had an opening to the phone call asking if they had parking, I was met with such great customer service. I’m definitely a customer service whore. I will rip you apart on Yelp lmao. The receptionist was so helpful and had no problem guiding me through the health benefits of the infrared sauna and what your full visit entails. Per their website: HotBox is an infrared sauna studio that delivers wellness to the mind & body. Healthy. Heat.™” Basically, it’s a total body detox. Imagine feeling the warmth of the sun rays, without having to step foot outside. It’s lit.

Really not one to sit still for 45 minutes, but this was so worth it. Even when the light came on to shower, I wasn’t ready. You get an entire room to yourself, and can totally bring your phone to blindly scroll social media. I started to and then decided I could do better. So I played with the tablet in front of me and hit play on Spotify’s RapCaviar playlist. And had a slight turn up in the sauna. The shower afterward was great too. The shampoo and conditioner was a go. The minute I left, I recommended it to so many people. That’s when you know it’s real.

Fast forward to the evening, I was back at The Roxy for the Smooky MarGielaa show. Shout out to Melissa, I had the opportunity to interview Bay Swag who was opening. Honestly, both these kids are children (Bay Swag is 18, Smooky is 15). But it’s so dope to see. This is our future. He’s got a crazy story to tell, and I’m excited for you guys to hear it.

I mostly knew Smooky for mobbing around with the A$AP Mob.

Met Diddy’s son, King Combs, backstage. Their song “Feeling Savage” actually low key goes.

Smooky’s big song is “Stay’100.”

Had to mob straight to Los Angeles Convention Center for the show of the year: Marshmello. Aka EDM’s favorite DJ. Last time I saw him, I brought my brother to the sold-out Shrine. He ended up bringing out YG and G-Eazy — I lost my shit. This time, he sold out the fucking Convention Center. Like, who does that. This might be one of the biggest venues in the entire city. And he sold out every last ticket. I walk inside a VERY crowded main room with a VERY lit stage and VERY lit visuals. This was after 10 rounds of parking fails and having to go all the back to my car because I forgot my ID. Insomniac was so mean lmao.

I LOVED all the Hip Hop he played tonight. Made me so happy. This brought back major rave memories. Shout out to Mark who eventually found me amongst the swarm of Asians lmao. Was so honored to hang out with the cool kids for a sec.

Also got to capture this beautiful moment after the fact. Shout out to Kevin Wong always at the right place at the right time. Also had a long, lonely walk all the way back to my car at L.A. Live. Debated calling an Uber. Debated asking a random car to drop me off. Debated life lmao.


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