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James Fauntleroy Shut Down The Roxy On Easter Sunday

April 2, 2018

Sunday, April 1st

Happy Easter and Happy April Fools Day! I literally worked and then fell asleep and didn’t have time to make it to church. Smh. But that’s okay. James Fauntleroy got me.

Tonight was his headlining show at The Roxy, in his hometown. Def was here last night and def had low expectations on the turnout. In my mind, I thought Easter Sunday everyone would be at home with their families until I realized: Easter Sunday — everyone come out to see the legendary James Fauntleroy IRL! He literally brought the gospel church with him. I was happy to see a jam-packed Roxy. From the VIP section to the floor to the bar, we were all here to see this man perform. If you’re a musician of any sort, you’ll recognize James to be one of the most well-respected songwriters in the game. Credits include Drake, Rihanna, Big Sean, Justin Timberlake… the list goes on.

Besides the full-house, I couldn’t help but notice these visuals. The laser lights and purple and pink lights were beautiful. James was up there in a fancy tux backed by a live band who were phenomenal. If you don’t like live music, you have no heart. This was perfect. He performed “For You” and something off Heaven’s Gate? I’m not even going to lie, I know most of his features on songs (SZA, Kendrick, Nipsey…), but not his own catalog of songs. But that’s totally okay because you didn’t need to. If you were here, you were here to vibe out and appreciate the live music for what it was.

He did a record called “Cyanide,” which came with a little speech after. Apparently, Google says it’s a chemical. Which makes sense because James spoke on how it’s hard, harsh, and feels like a relationship lmao. Honestly, he’s funny as hell. I so appreciated his personality and sense of humor on stage tonight. At this point, I notice Sevyn walk right by me, which lead to the discovery of Omarion and a ton of other artists in the building. Towards the end of the show, Nipsey Hussle was heading out and I was SO tempted to say something. I felt like it was my one moment, but he was moving too fast. I’m still blocked. 🙁

James performed “Suffocate,” “How You Feel,” and a beautiful cover of Foo Fighters’ “Learn To Fly.” He starts performing “Stay Where You Are” and I finally get to say hi to Sevyn. I asked if she had music with him and she said no, but hopefully soon. He played her his entire new project and she had nothing but praise for it. It was also so dope to see how much she was enjoying it… from artist to artist, that’s so special. He exited the stage and came back out for 3 more records as an encore: “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone,” “Understand,” and “Year Round.” After the first, Sevyn pointed out Charlie Heat on stage next to James. So many talented people around me, I am not worthy.

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