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Marc E. Bassy & Rexx Life Raj Brought The Bay To LA On Gossip Columns Tour

April 5, 2018

Wednesday, April 4th

Happy Wednesday! Got to premiere this angel’s music video today on LA Weekly. Shout out to Victoria Monet.

And shout out to  24Hrs. That’s fam. So happy to run into him today at work.

Tonight! Marc E. Bassy at the El Rey. So proud — he sold this bitch out. Marc is one of my favorite R&B singers, and the fact that he’s from the Bay is hella bae (I feel like I just dropped a bar). Honestly, I’ve seen this man so many times I’ve lost count. But I STILL get excited, every time. He’s SO talented — his voice, his songs, his everything. Shout out to him and his team, this is the best show of his I’ve seen thus far. This is the Gossip Columns Tour in light of his most recent project. And you know LA means hella special guests.

MOOD. I walked into this venue so turnt off this alone. The DJ slapped Mac Dre and I was so here for it. Actually got to meet her after Rexx’ set — shout out to DJ Shellheart. We all got hyphy.

Rexx Life Raj is another one of my favorites out of the Bay. Shout out to real Hip Hop. I was so amped to see he was opening when the tour was announced. He came on stage and did “Level Up” with the best energy. He was looking dapper too. Clean long coat and Converse. He performed “Where I Belong” off Father Figure 2: Flourish, which is a great piece of work. Next, he performed “Waiting For You” featuring Russ and “Joog.” Fire.

And then he told us he had In N Out after the San Diego show last night and had food poisoning all day. Major props on him for performing. That shit is the worst.

And then my favorite part. He brings out ymtk for “Dance” featuring P-Lo, who was also in the building. I was seriously hyped. Love these guys so much. They have a joint EP called Emoji Goats that’s pure fire. Next, Rexx did “Running Man” and “Merlot” featuring Caleborate.

“Handheld GPS” is definitely the record that made me fall in love with Rexx.

He literally hopped the railing and performed “Moxie Java” featuring Nef Tha Pharoah in the crowd. I couldn’t help but notice the fans in the crowd that knew all the words to his songs. Warmed my heart.

Shout out to Julian and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM! This stop-motion number is pretty fire lmao. One of my favorite parts of the show was the old-school microphone. It was so perfect for Marc. And the live band with the guitarist and DJ… fire.

Opening with “Morning” on the keys was pure bliss.

“So Simple” featuring G-Eazy.

He performed “The Season,” “4am,“and “Some Things Never Change.” The last two come from his East Hollywood project that I’ve definitely been sleeping on. And then my all-time favorite of his: “Some Kind Of Drug” featuring G-Eazy. Was totally surprised G didn’t show up tonight, but then found out he was in Hawaii lmao. He def would have been here otherwise. Next, Marc told the entire venue he was making history here in LA, leading right into “XX.” Followed by a disclaimer that he wants everyone that leaves a Marc. E Bassy show to do some weird, freaky shit. He’s got that baby-making music on deck, for sure.

Next, he brought out P-Lo for “Free Love.” So beautiful. I loved how he was switching back and forth between his old and new shit.

I literally turn to Julian and go, “He better perform ‘Put Me On Somethin'” and sure enough lmao.

Ended up in the back when Bobby Brackins popped up and ran all the way back to grab the shot lmao. So extra. YAY AREA.

Lastly, “Plot Twist.” I called KYLE was coming out. Called it.

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