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Jaden Smith Moonwalks All Over The Vision Tour

April 8, 2018

Saturday, April 7th

Happy Saturday! Tonight started with an exclusive preview/grand opening of Dame Dashs official #DDS33 art gallery in Los Angeles. He did the same thing in New York and it was so lit there that he had to carry it over to LA. Shout out to Laura, once again, one of my favorite humans on earth. #DDS33 stands for Damon Dash Studios, and it’s located right next to the Times10/Popular Demand offices. So crazy! I love this spot in Burbank, so this is a no-brainer. This space is gorgeous and the ambiance is perfect for an art gallery. You expect nothing less from Dame. That man is a legend.

Before you entered, they had us sign an NDA form, which ended in a selfie on a tablet. Was not ready for that lmao. Apparently, filming was in progress. It felt serious and in this moment, I was worried I hadn’t RSVP’ed. But it was a vibe the second I walk inside. Shout out to EMME, my girl was laying down all the slaps. From Chingy to Blocboy JB, this set my mood right. The recipe for success in any art gallery: fire DJ, cocktails, amazing art, and GOOD COMPANY. The last one is so crucial. The first person I see after hugging Laura is Rocky, Dame’s wife. She is such a sweetheart and an amazing artist herself. She had her own wall full of the most dope shots of Dame surrounded by some of his peers — elites in the game. I’m talking Erykah Badu and The Cool Kids status. The black and white frames were perfect.

The other wall consisted of the most beautiful oil canvas by an artist named Not Your Muse. Her shit is so fire. It makes me feel incompetent being surrounded by so much creative talent. The wall across from it consisted of a rock collection, which was such a dope balance to the Hip Hop. And then my stoner ass drifted to this piece in the corner lmao.

And then I had to rush over to The Novo for the star of the evening: Jaden Smith. Seriously, I’m in love with this kid. I actually listened to his SYRE album and thought it was completely slept on. Homeboy dropped an amazing piece of work. Most people may only recognize “Icon,” but I’m telling you, every song on this project slaps. AND, he’s the offspring of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. We are all unworthy lmao. Shout out to Byze and Azim for taking care of us. I would normally not EVER care for an Artist Meet & Greet, but I had to meet Jaden. This little boy (jk he’s 19, but I’m old) is a true icon.

Everything about him, including his butter-smooth face and bleached out hair… I can’t lmao. I would have loved to chat with him but he definitely had to get down the pipeline. He was so sweet though. His security guard was not playing lmao they told us no videos, but pictures were cool. I honestly had no idea he was signed to Roc Nation, but makes perfect sense.

It was a late show, but it didn’t matter because the entire venue was filled to the brim. They were here for Jaden and all his glory. I eventually sneak into the pit, after grabbing my girl from the front. The funny part is, I literally almost take out MC Lyte. Like, how right? I was laughing and flailing my arms and ran right into her. It was hilarious lmao. I realized after it was her and was like oh shit. Hi. You’re a legend. Hi. Anyways. First, Jaden had to let his little sis shine! Willow Smith, you are an angel sent from above. Or sent from hippie heavens lmao. I am ashamed to say I was waiting for “Whip Your Hair,” when homegirl has so much more to offer. She slayed the stage with her guitar, and hit vocals I had no idea she had. She did “A Reason” which had the entire crowd tuned in.

She also performed a song dedicated to the guy from the film Patti Cake$, which I actually hella wanted to see but never got the chance to. She performed cuts from her album 1st and talked to the crowd in between each song. I loved her stage presence and crowd engagement. She was made for this. She also let out the disclaimer that she’s obsessed with cave people and how we all existed in ancient times. She performed “Israel” to follow. The entire time, the visual on the LSD screen behind her was of water. Specifically, her and Jaden’s eco-friendly water line named Just. Shout out to the marketing team lmao.

Slight intermission and then FINALLY Jaden graces the stage. The crowd goes nuts. The first song he performs is “B,” which opens up his SYRE project. Such a great intro to the rest of the evening. He did “L” and “U” and you could just tell he was putting his entire heart into this performance. We all appreciated it so much. Tonight was actually only the third show on the Vision Tour, and he said this was the biggest solo show to date. And that he finally released his album after 3 years of crying. That was cute.

“Breakfast” featuring A$AP Rocky is my favorite joint on the project. Such a slap.

This clip says it all. Other highlights: “Fallen,” Falcon,” “Lost Boy,” and a shit ton I didn’t know by name. Can we talk about how he brought out Odessa Adlon for “Ninety”? So fucking cute. I forgot Odessa and her band opened and she was hilarious. Turns out, they’re dating. He literally brought her on stage and twirled her around. So much PDA. I died. Cuteness overload.

“Icon” was everything.

The part where he moonwalks like Michael Jackson is pure bliss.

This moment actually solidifies his Jaden as GOAT. He brought out BROCKHAMPTON. Fucking BROCKHAMPTON. The BROCKHAMPTOM.

Shout out to Daniel with the fire flicks!

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