Ready Player One Is The Best Movie Of 2̶0̶4̶5̶ 2018

April 9, 2018

Sunday, April 8th

Happy Sunday! I’ve been waiting for this day for FOREVER. A night to chill, but that was after I put in some work. Today, I got to finally link with the mysterious Gallant. Shout out to Phylicia and Nate, I’ve been a fan since the beginning. His music cures souls. “Weight In Gold” is my shit.

got to speak with #gallant today ✨✨✨

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Man, shout out to Gallant for being so fucking cool. He is a sweetheart and his music has so much substance. Peep his “Gentleman” visual. Shit’s amazing.

This is the tweet that inspired me to actually go see Ready Player One. And frankly, best decision of my life. Also, last night with Jaden Smith brought me pure joy.

Plus, I got to hang out with my brothers (half the reason I go to the movies anyway). Daniel and I picked up my bro who landed at LAX around 6pm. We tried to get a massage but I was kind of lit and honestly, last time I was high and got a massage, I freaked out lmao. So instead, we hard straight to Landmark on Pico at 8pm. My fav movie theater in LA! I used to come here religiously. They have the best popcorn and best seasoning. AND they’re way cheaper than the other theaters. It’s just a vibe. If you know, you know. Also, I can’t with my bros trying to sneak alcohol in. Lmao. I can’t.

Mood. I was not ready for this!! It’s 2.5 hours long which might sound like an issue, but it’s totally not. THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD!!! I find out it’s directed by Steven Spielberg — the GOAT. Seriously, this man is incredible. The entire concept of the film was so cleverly detailed and strategic, even down to the message,

IMDB plot: When the creator of a virtual reality world called the OASIS dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune.

Shout out to IMDB for the most concise plots lmao. This takes place in the future — year 2045, to be exact. Can you imagine? A virtual reality that takes over actual reality? This film is jam-packed with action, humor, plot twists — you name it. I could not get over how much I loved the plot, like the message was so clear. Fuck social media, fuck the digital world — well my brothers reminded me that wasn’t really the official message lmao. The official message would be to limit these and focus on real connections. I just could super appreciate this. For someone whose job relies on being on my phone and computer, this movie honestly spoke to me.

Idk how it’s not taking over headlines right now. Or maybe it is, and I’m just totally missing it. But shout out to Jaden Smith for seeing it 6x in a row. Like… I FEEL YOU.

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