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DJ Carnage Says He Made 17 Versions Of “Waterworld” f. Migos

April 11, 2018

Tuesday, March 10th

Happy Tuesday! My Wyclef Jean interview got published today. Shout out Okayplayer. He’s a legend.

Also got to speak with Chaz French when he opened for JID at The Roxy last time around. That was the night J.Cole called JID a legend! Shout out to Young California.

Tonight actually marks the event I was most looking forward to this week: DJ Carnage‘s private album listening/secret show for his fans. This took place at 1720 in the cuts of downtown. I was actually here last time for the RnBass party, and it was such a vibe. First of all, I’m a Carnage stan. I literally love him. Everything he puts out is a slap. From “WDWY” (which is actually how I heard about Lil Uzi) to “I Like Tuh” featuring Makonnen to “i Shyne” featuring Lil Pump — this man is a fucking genius. Now, he’s gearing up to release his second album titled Battered Bruised & Bloody, which drops this Friday, April 13th.

BUT FIRST, can we talk about this massive, crazy line that started way before I even arrived? The private listening was from 8-9pm and the SECRET show was after, with doors opening at 9pm. I arrive probably around 8:45pm. This line stretched for blocks! It was brazy. DJ Carnage has the most loyal fanbase. And that’s why I love him. He creates feel-good music for the listeners (and youth) to turn up and just have a good time.

Huge thanks to Byze and Kimia for this. I haven’t had the chance to link with him in person yet, so I was hyped. I walk into this huge warehouse space to find Carnage on the mic and already going through the project. He’s literally so turnt in both the EDM and rap realms. He’s his own entity. I don’t know how else to explain it.

Battered Bruised & Bloody drops this Friday, but I’ma leave this right here. Lil B The Based God is on the project. Right up there with Migos. Shout out to Reo Cragun and Yung Pinch in the building. And shout out to A-Trak in the crowd. The support is real!

Ended up finally being able to link with him. Shout out to Josh for being so sweet. I interviewed him for Weedmaps first and when he found out, he immediately passes me the joint. I live for this lmao. He also had the most blinged out grill and was blinding everyone every time he smiled. It was clean though lmao.

Carnage is a fucking sweetheart. I told him to remember me because I want to be friends. Lmao. But really, I have a lot of respect for him and his appreciation for the music. Also, from the listening session, Carnage told us he made 17 versions of the last record with Migos, “Waterworld.” AND that Khalid was supposed to be on it, but he will be on the deluxe edition that’s coming later.

Saw this on my way out. This made me genuinely sad 🙁 Kids were genuinely fighting outside of DJ Carnage. People were cutting each other and that led to fists being drawn. Which lead to blood being drawn.

Shit was honestly intense for a sec. I was worried for a sec. No one came through for me lmao. But shout out to Carnage. He would never let that shit sly. He just wants to see people have a good time, and this is the exact opposite of that.

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