New Jersey Artist Monty Has Only Been Outsmoked By Snoop Dogg

April 17, 2018

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With cannabis legalization in California in full effect, it’s no surprise that the market for new businesses in the field is booming. And as we all know, the hip-hop and marijuana crossover has been around as long as the genre itself. So, it’s no surprise when artists come out with their own strains, stamping their brand on a flower they truly believe in. Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Dizzy Wright, Berner — the list goes on and on.

I had the opportunity to speak with Monty of Fetty Wap’s group, the Remy Boyz (1738!), and learn about his new cannabis venture with Stay Kind.

What I didn’t expect was to be hand-delivered product samples earlier that day while at work. This was the best delivery service I’ve ever experienced. I was speaking with Monty later in the evening — so it was important to understand the brand, right? The glossy packaging alone made want to immediately know more. And Prerolls to go with the infused candies? Shout out to Rahim — I am not worthy.

A couple of hours later, I got a call from Jon Gornbein himself, the man who created this movement. Not only was he adamant about the quality of these products, but he also gave me instructions on how to use them properly. He relayed to me that the edibles were 5 mg each, a perfect size for micro-dosing. For someone who had the worst trip of her entire life while using edibles, I felt like this was a safer way to medicate. The containers are shaped like an Altoids tin, so you can be as subtle as you need to be.

And let’s not forget the Kali Stix. The name itself had me giddy. These Prerolls proved to be Monty’s new baby, and I totally understand why. The best part of the interview was after the fact, when Monty realized he had no product to hand to Gucci Mane the following day when they were scheduled to meet up. I gladly sacrificed mine.

Fast forward to the evening, and I met up with Monty in downtown LA.

(Shirley): First of all, congrats on all your success. What do you have going on music-wise?
Monty: Thank you so much. I’m actually dropping a new project really soon. I don’t know the name of it yet, but I’m just building it out now. [He makes a detonating bomb noise.] That’s what I’ve been working on right now. And I’m actually about to drop it within the next couple of months.

S: How did the partnership with Stay Kind come about?
M: The introduction actually came through from one of my bros off the RGF label, M80. He introduced me to Jon, and ever since, he’s always been really helpful. Jon’s been lit. Stay Kind has always been supportive of me, so that’s how that happened.

S: What do you like about the brand?
M: I don’t know, they just stay so high and cool, man. [Yells] Stay Kind! That’s how my boy Jon says, ‘Stay Kind.’ Everybody is friendly when they’re high, so that’s the mindset behind Stay Kind.

S: How does the Stay Kind mantra align with your own brand?
M: I believe it all goes hand in hand. Stay Kind helped with the Kali Stix, too. Without Jon and Stay Kind, I don’t think any of this would have been possible. They made my dream come true with Kali Stix, and now they’re here. Dreams do come true.

S: Tell us about the “Full Monty” bundle Stay Kind will offer.
M: I believe you get the whole package of everything, including the Kali Stix, the M80’s, candles, and a whole lot of other stuff.

S: I love candles!
M: I know! It’s going to do so well. Like you said, ladies love candles.

S: What is your relationship with Fetty Wap, and how often do you guys smoke?
M: Me and Zoo, everyone already knows that’s my brother. We chill every day. Well, almost, not every day. We’re busy doing our own thing, but when we get together, it’s a smoke storm, you hear me? It’s a smoke storm. It’s a smoke battle.


S: Who can smoke more?
M: I have to say me, now. Zoo knows I have to say me. Because I use to smoke tobacco and then quit, now I just smoke marijuana exclusively. So I have one up on Zoo. [laughs]

S: How much weed would you say you go through per day?
M: I wake up and smoke probably two or three blunts back to back to back. And then I’ll chill, then smoke two or three more. So in a day, it could probably be anywhere from 15 to 30 blunts per day. And that’s really lowballing it. I’m trying to picture just me without my boys, just me smoking by myself throughout the day, and that’s still lowballing it.

S: Florida artist OMB Peezy said he blows a half-ounce a day. 
M: A half-ounce per day? You know what, I think I blow about an ounce every day. No cap. When I cop my zips, the next day my zip is gone. And that’s me, now that I quit tobacco and I’m just smoking weed, I go through zips in like a day-and-a-half. By the next day, it’s gone. It’s never two full days. That next afternoon, I’m buying weed again.

S: You’re from New Jersey, how does the quality of cannabis there compare to California?
M: Everybody know that Jersey’s shit is wack. [laughs]That shit is wiggity! You talking about compared to Cali? It’s wiggity. Cali is the motherland of weed. Y’all have everything on smash right now.

S: What are some of your favorite strains and what do they do for you?
M: Louis XIII is one of my favorite strains. And that one just puts me to sleep. Every time I smoke Louis, I go to sleep, no buzzin’. I think Cookies is good, too.

S: I’m from the Bay, I love Berner’s weed.
M: He’s got the hood going crazy right?

S: Cookies is so fire.
M: Shout out to Berner, facts. That’s pretty much what I smoke right there. When I’m on the West, I get a lot of Cookies.

S: Do you know King Louie?
M: Yeah, that’s my brother. You’re going to see a Kali Stix and King Louie collaboration soon. I just have to work my way up there. Because that’s like big bruh to me right now, so I want to work my way up to get to there. I want to be able to work with him and come up with something legendary.

S: Backwoods, papers, or blunts?
M: Backwoods.

S: How has marijuana helped you on tour?
M: So much, mainly as a stress reliever. If you’re going through anything and you smoke weed everything, go out the window. So that’s why I smoke weed. If not, I’d be blacking out on everybody. I’d probably be blacking, spazzing out on everybody.

S: Ever had a wild trip from edibles?
M: Edibles don’t really have an effect on me.

S: Really? That’s crazy.
M: Nah, I took them a few times, but I never really even had a trip, period. I don’t even think I remember getting high from edibles at all.

S: You don’t feel yourself getting high? 
M: No, seriously.

S: You don’t accidentally overeat? 
M: I tried the brownies. I tried the whatever: the cereals, edibles, everything. Anything I tried, I just don’t get high.

S: What are your thoughts on addiction in hip-hop?
M: I believe you must have control of yourself. Anything could be bad if you use it too much.

S: Are there any other artists that have outsmoked you?
M: Snoop. Snoop outsmoked me, I‘m not going to lie. I didn’t even want any more weed. And I wanted to turn it down but I couldn’t because it’s Snoop. So I’m just super-high, getting as high as I can get. But that was a legendary moment. I was definitely blessed that day to smoke with Snoop because he’s a legend. Hopefully, I got something coming for Snoop Doggy Dogg, too.

Cover image courtesy of Aderon Mothersill

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