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April 17, 2018

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Move over Migos, there’s a new hip-hop trio in town. Signed to Rostrum Records, FREEWIFI is here to shake up the rap game — whether you like it or not. Comprised of Daddy Dinero, J. Plaza and Tha Rift, the collective visits the city of Angels all the way from their home base in Minnesota. Read more…

With standout records such as “Ego” and “Took Off,” it’s evident all three artists have something to bring to the table. The versatility of three different styles and voices makes for a perfect combination as they lay down verses and hooks over hard-hitting beats. Fitting to the name, FREEWIFI’s main goal is to create music to connect with the people.

It’s through this connection that all three were able to leave behind their basic lives and pursue their wildest dreams.

For those who don’t know, who is FREEWIFI?

Plaza: FREEWIFI is group out of Minneapolis. We all came together all on one song. We signed to Rostrum Records out here in Hollywood and right now, we’re just working on some dope ass music for the people.

Dinero: And it consists of J. Plaza, Tha Rift, and Daddy Dinero. And that’s FREEWIFI.

How would you describe your sound?

Dinero: We don’t really have a sound. We’re all doing everything, so we’re not limited to one sound. We go 3 different artists, 3 different sounds — making one complete sound.

Where do you fit in the realm of R&B and Hip Hop?

Plaza: We’re all over the place, like Dinero said. One song will be R&B, one song will be hip-hop, the next song will be country, the next will be rock. You never know.

How important is it to come to LA for an up and coming artist?

Rift: It’s very important. You gotta do a lot to get where you wanna be. It’s all about networking. it’s all about who you know, and just coming out here and making shit happen for yourself.

Dinero & Plaza: Forreal! Yup.

How’d you come up with the name FREEWIFI?

Dinero: Honestly, I was laying in the hotel room and the first thing I saw was “free wifi.” So I just threw it in there and it’s “FREEWIFI” — thought it would probably catch.

Wow that’s so true. I be out asking for free wifi everywhere.

Plaza: We everywhere!

Was there any backup names or was that it?

Dinero: We were going through a bunch, they were all bullshit though.

What were they?

Plaza: 3 Stooges.

Dinero: The Swink. [laughs]

Plaza: Yeah, we just had so many some dumbass ones. FREEWIFI panned together though. It was God’s plan.

How do you compare to a trio like Migos that are taking over?

Plaza: I think the only way that we can compare is that we’re 3 dudes.

Do you guys get any inspiration from them?

Plaza: Of course. It’s definitely an inspiration seeing anybody make it in life, and shine off of their music or whatever they wanna do in life.

Dinero: So shout out to the Migos!

Talk about your album, Connected. What do you want fans to get from your story?

Dinero: We want them to just be connected. That’s the main reason we named our album Connected. We all connected over the wifi — internet. We want to connect with the rest of the world with the internet.

You guys found each other on the internet?

Plaza: Pretty much. That’s the first time we ever found out about each other.

Rift: We talked on the phone and on the internet before we actually ever met in person.

Plaza: So we all knew about each other. He’s from Georgia [points to Dinero], he’s from Ohio [points to Rift], I’m from Minnesota.

Rift: There’s a producer that made a record, and I recorded on it and sent it to them. And that’s kind of how we all connected, on a video shoot.

Talk about the dynamics within the group. Who does what?

Plaza: We all pretty much do everything. I got more of a deeper sound, Dinero is like right there in the middle. It’s like in choir, when you have your tenors and your baritones, that’s kind of how we are. We just put all the sounds together in one-type shit.

If you had one song for fans to hear, what would it be?

Rift: I’d say, “Took Off” and “Recruit.”

“Took Off” is a banger. I like that one.

FREEWIFI: You heard it? Thank you!

What’s a normal day in the life?

Rift: There is no normal day in the life.

Dinero: Shit just be happening. We go with the flow.

Plaza: It’s just a lot of new shit. We always just got new ideas…

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music?

Dinero: Well, I dropped out of college and did this.

Plaza: I probably would have been a bank robber. [laughs] Professional.

Rift: I still would have been working at this factory job. I was loading boxes on the truck for Subway.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a fan?

Rift: Dinero you got that one! He had panties in an envelope delivered to him.

Dinero: To my job man!

What the hell did you do with that?

Dinero: I threw them bitches away! [laughs]

Rift: Nah, he smelled them a couple times and then threw them away. [laughs]

Dinero: Get the fuck outta here! [laughs]

Plaza: You definitely smelled them!

You got a girl?

Dinero: Nah, I used to though.

Who’s the most played artist on your phone?


Besides y’alls music.

Plaza: To be honest, it’s just beats. I don’t even play nobody’s music like that right now. I don’t know why. I’m just kinda stuck in what we’re doing.

Producer wise, who do you guys like?

Plaza: We work with a lot of Minnesota producers and Minnesota producers that made it big. Like Rahki — he’s Grammy-nominated. We’re working with him. DJ FU, he’s Lil Xan’s manager. We worked with him on a few tracks on our album. And then a few Minnesota local producers that just got bangers, and then a couple YouTube beats.

What’s your end goal?

Dinero: We just wanna be legends. Minnesota is so slept on. It’s an untapped market. Shit would be great if we just got that shit poppin’.

Rift: I want to make an impact. I want our music to make an impact. I want to be apart of history, especially because of where we from.

Dream collab?

Rift: Drake and Travis $cott.

Dinero: I wanna work with A$AP.

Plaza: There’s so many people that come to mind, I don’t even know.

Rift: And Wiz Khalifa.

Plaza: I’m thinking of rock stars. Like real rock and roll fans and shit.

Dinero: Jay-Z.

This is random, but do you guys know a girl named Lexii?

Plaza: Lexii Alijai?

She from Minnesota right? You guys fuck with her?

Dinero: That’s the homie!

That’s dope. I love her! Is there anything else you wanna let Young California know?

Plaza: Be on the lookout for us. Follow us @FreeWifiMusic and if you haven’t listen to the album, make sure you go check that out. FREEWIFI – Connected.

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