Destruco & Yo Gotti Film “Loaded” Music Video At Wild House Party In Beverly Hills

April 24, 2018

Monday, April 23rd

Happy post-Coachella aka Monday aka I need like 10 days off. I literally wrote the entire day. 

But still managed to make it out. Tonight was Destructo and Yo Gotti‘s video shoot for “Loaded.” Shout out to Destructo for always enlisting the greats in Hip Hop. If you guys are late, Destructo is the founder of the HARD music festivals. Also Holy Ship! Which was on my bucket list for the longest time. Shout out to Alex for this. I totally was going to just stop by and ending up staying for 2 hours. First off, this took place in the gorgeous hills of Beverly Hills. You know how there’s the Hollywood Hills? This was Beverly Hills, 90210. This house was not real.

Mood lmao. I was so intrigued by the Getty Images photographer. We enter this crazy house party, in the most literal sense. The idea was to have the two artists enter this bizarre scenario where they’re just like, WTF. It was so fucking real. Everyone was turnt. I overhear one guy say, “The cocaine is 16 minutes away” while the other guy yells into the projector, “Where’s the guy in the bunny costume?!” I didn’t get to meet the director, Tucker Tripp, because he was running around. But man, he’s a genius lmao. He also looks like he’s 16. Unreal.

It was so fucking dope to see the behind the scenes, especially since I never go to video shoots. Most of the rap ones I get invited to are ratchet, so I stay away lmao. This was different. Most parties don’t have a guy running around in a diaper. The outdoor pool sealed the deal. Yo Gotti was posted up in a chair on the lawn as Destructo posts up on the couch surrounded by females. Two girls hop in the 0 degree pool and even a guy on a floatie surfboard. I can’t wait for this end product.

Gary, we love you!

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