Nessly Gave Us a Non-Smoker’s Guide to Weed Etiquette

April 26, 2018

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Ever wonder what it’s like to not smoke marijuana? Atlanta artist Nessly can tell you all about it. The SoundCloud phenomenon is quickly moving from the underground to the mainstream — and not by coincidence. Nessly has been making music for more than 11 years, attracting listeners with his own wave of trap infused with soulful, atmospheric melodies that listeners can’t help but gravitate toward.

Most recently, Nessly released his debut album, Wildflower, which boasts guest artists including 24Hrs, Joji, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, and Ski Mask The Slump God, to name a few. Now, he celebrates a new deal with Republic Records without losing sight of who he is and what he stands for.

We caught up Nessly ahead of his performance at All Def LA’s free show on April 12, 2018, at The Regent in downtown Los Angeles, where he was joined by Lil Gnar and Gunna on stage. As we’re sitting in the green room surrounded by his homies who had just lit up a Backwood, Nessly listed his top three pet peeves about smokers, from his perspective as a non-smoker.

We highly encourage you to take notes, as these are habits that smokers may not even realize they do and it’s always important to be self-aware of your smoking habits around others.

1. “When you leave all your little dusty ass roaches and shit in my house, please clean it up! It’s cool if you have weed at my crib as long as you clean up. Because if you don’t clean up, then I’m left to clean it up, smell it, feel it. I don’t like having a dirty space to begin with, so clean up!”

This is why ashtrays exist, people. Don’t be the one friend that people need to clean up after! Imagine if it was your house.

2. “Another one is when I’m offered the blunt more than twice, because I’ve already told people twice that I don’t smoke. It’s nice, but it’s like, ‘Bro I’m 23. If I tell you that I don’t want to smoke, then I’m good.’ When I’m good, I’m good.”

We’re all guilty of this, but sharing is caring, so it’s all in good friendship. However, respecting a non-smoker’s beliefs and wishes is what a respectful homie does.

3. “Another pet peeve is when I get around my friends and they’re high, but they act like they’re higher than they are. Stop it with the fake dumb, I hate when people do the fake dumb. That’s ass, don’t do that. You’re fake lit. I’m already cool and you’re blowing my natural high.”

As much as your want to share your high with your peers, the non-smoker probably doesn’t want to hear it. Enjoy your high, but remember it’s for you.

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