May 1, 2018

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The second biggest mystery after who’s beneath Marshmello’s head is… who’s under Slow Magic’s head?

With each set, the atmospheric artist/DJ sports a massive zebra-looking headpiece, representing of a world outside of reality. In fact, he goes as far as sporting the mask at his own wedding!

An expert at remaining anonymous, this is all part of a bigger plan: to not distract from the music. Fitting to the name, Slow Magic delivers enchanting tunes as listeners all across the globe enter a psychedelic world of imagination. His most recent project, How To Run Away, peaked at #20 on the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums, also home to his hit single “Girls,” which clocks in at 11 million streams on Spotify and counting.

During the hottest weekend of Coachella (Weekend 2), iEDM caught up with Slow Magic after his explosive set at the Mojave Tent.

iEDM: For those who don’t know, who is Slow Magic?

Slow Magic: That’s me. I guess I would say Slow Magic is like your imaginary friend who makes music and plays drums.

iEDM: How would you describe your sound?

Slow Magic: It’s like electronic music but with live drums. Beyond that, kind of just all over the place — good, happy vibes. Or sad. It depends.

iEDM: You’ve managed to keep a low profile. What’s the meaning behind this

Slow Magic: Definitely. When I started, I wanted to separate the project from my identity and who I am, in a way that’s still very personal. So no one knows what I look like or where I’m from. The only thing that there is is just the music and the visual. I wanted that to be what people focused on before what I look like.

iEDM: Where are you from again?

Slow Magic: I can’t say, but that’s part of it.

iEDM: That’s crazy. I tried to Google, and I feel like I’m an expert researcher. I was frustrated.

Slow Magic: [laughs] It helps because it’s like a universal idea, I guess. Like I didn’t want to be labeled as a local scene of anywhere. I feel like the internet and just the world is all just one thing with music. And I didn’t really have any English lyrics on the first record. So a lot of people had their own ideas about where I was from.

iEDM: What are you feelings going into Coachella Weekend 2?

Slow Magic: I got a little bit sick from maybe the dust and all that, but I just played and it was really fun. I kind of just left everything out there, even though it was like a midday set, I kind of wanted to feel like it was all the energy I had left — just like out. Now I can chill, watch some music.

iEDM: Aside from your performance, what has been the biggest highlight from Coachella?

Slow Magic: Just being here and just kind of being around everything. It’s really overwhelming, but cool. And seeing Post Malone was cool.

iEDM: You recently released an EP called AWAY. What’s the concept behind the project?

Slow Magic: I kind of wanted to do an EP with the title “AWAY,” because it’s just another place you can escape to. Just being able to imagine a place that’s perfect.

iEDM: What do you want fans to get from your story?

Slow Magic: Just inspiration to do whatever you feel like. Maybe someone said you’re not good enough to do – just do it anyway. That’s kind o how I’ve always felt. No one is really good enough to do anything they do. They just do it.

iEDM: Three essentials things you need on tour?

Slow Magic: I’m going to have to say Nintendo Switch right now – the new one. It’s cool because you can take it on tour. My wife.

iEDM: Aw, I was going to say! Are you married?

Slow Magic: Just recently married. Shout out to Dream Angel. And then water.

iEDM: Favorite song to drop during a set?

Slow Magic: It’s hard to say because I really just play my own music, but I do a remix of Blink 182 that I really like to drop.

iEDM: Most played artist on your phone?

Slow Magic: The Radio Dept. from Sweden.

iEDM: Dream collab?

Slow Magic: Brian Wilson.

iEDM: What was your initial reaction to Avicii’s death?

Slow Magic: I was really sad about that. I never knew him personally or anything. But today during the set, I felt like… I can’t speak. But I kind of dedicated a part to him. I just feel like he made a lot of sounds that resonated with everyone. And he’s so young.

Thank you Slow Magic for chatting with us!

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