The Best Hip-Hop Breakup Songs

May 4, 2018

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Breakups are the worst. Whether you’re parting ways with the love of your life, saying good-bye to a short-lived Tinder fling, or even watching your ex move on to the next one, no one should ever be left to grieve alone. While friends and family can help you get over your sadness, they’re not always readily available as a shoulder to cry on.

When people aren’t there physically to support you, you can turn to the one thing that never disappoints: music. Not only does music have healing powers, but there’s nothing more reliable to get through you those dark times. And if you’re trying to get your ex out of your life once and for all, Beyoncé says it best: “To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left.”

While rap is notorious for showing off gold chains, fancy cars, and bands of cash, it also has a soft side. We’re talking “Marvin’s Room” soft. While some songs may set the mood, others are there to help you embrace your sorrows dead on. : the best songs are fueled by heartbreak.

The best part is, there’s a record for each stage of the breakup. From the evenings spent alone wondering what could have been, to the evenings spent wilding at the club as proof that you’re “over it,” there’s a track for each phase of your heartbreak, ready to help you through. We all heard Cardi B’s reaction when rumors of Offset cheating surfaced: “Be Careful” serves as the perfect warning to your future lover.

Once you move into the anger phase, “IDFWU” by Big Sean and E-40 never disappoints, either. What better way to get over someone than by telling them off? Whether you’re sulking or turning the other cheek, check out our list of best hip-hop breakup songs to help get you through the tough times.

Kanye West “Heartless” (2008)

For the early stages, when you’re playing the blame game, and questioning how all of this could have happened; attempt to find the answers with Kanye.

Childish Gambino “Heartbeat” (2011)

This one is for realizing you and your partner aren’t good for each other—and wanting them anyway.

J. Cole “Nothing Lasts Forever” (2011)

“I tried, you tried, we tried.” J. Cole spits the sad truth on this track, to help you confront your heartbreak head-on.

Jay-Z “Song Cry” (2001)

This one’s a tearjerker; the only thing better than a friend crying with you is Hov crying with you.

Ne-Yo “So Sick” (2005)

Keep the cryfest going with Ne-Yo’s ode to wanting to feel better.

Nas “Undying Love” (1999)

This is storytelling at its finest. When you’re tired of rehashing the details of your breakup for all of your friends, listen to Nas’ story instead.

Drake “Marvin’s Room” (2011)

A few drinks might have you reminiscing about that old flame more than you’d like to, but remember Drake’s advice: “You could do better.”

Tyler, The Creator “IFHY” (2013)

You ever love someone so much you hate them? Let that anger out.

Machine Gun Kelly “The Break Up” (2017)

Need help staying in the “anger” stage? This is the ultimate “fuck you” to your ex.

The Weeknd “Call Out My Name” (2018)

“Falling for you was my mistake.” Listen to this one when you’re preparing to let go of the past.

Wale “The Break Up Song” (2010)

Breaking up is hard, but moving on is even harder. Every day is a battle, even when you’re moving toward the light—Wale sympathizes.

Frank Ocean “Ivy” (2016)

For coming to terms with the end of your relationship, and being able to look back on it fondly.

SZA f/ Travis Scott “Love Galore” (2017)

We all need love, but we also need self-love. Put yourself first!

Beyoncé “Irreplaceable” (2006)

This is the ultimate goodbye. Know your worth; you are irreplaceable, just like Queen Bey.

Cardi B “Be Careful” (2018)

No one’s got time to play games; consider this your future partner’s first and final warning.

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