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#PowerhouseLA Takes Over Glen Helen Amphitheater f. Pharrell, Phora, Mozzy, E-40, Lil Jon, Tinashe, Lil Dicky & More!

May 13, 2018

Saturday, May 12th

Happy Saturday! Woke up to this random ass post on IG. Why did they use my pic for the Young Dolph post?! The crazy part is, I totally used to be a barista. At Coupe Cafe in Beverly Hills.

The day has finally come. Power 106‘s #PowerhouseLA show at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernadino. I remember last year vividly. I covered for DX and literally froze my ass off and left before all the headliners. Smh. Today was cold also, but I survived (barely). I mostly worked the entire day, so I’ma just include my own posts. But the day began so wild. First of all, I hate this drive. I literally smoked a j to get through and was so lit upon arrival. AND THEN… after picking up my credentials. I literally completely eat shit. I ran into a co-worker and as we’re walking up to the venue, I kid you not, I trip on a crack in the ground and completely eat shit. He said I “tumbled.” I was so weak. My entire backpack flew open with all my Starburst which flew everywhere. It was so fucking embarrassing. I wanted to go home lmao.

Saw A.Chal, saw G Perico. Can’t take him anywhere.

Ran into Phora next. So much love for this kid. This generation’s J. Cole.

It’s also so brazy to me the station finally started playing Mozzy’s “Sleep Walkin.” I was fighting for that shit a year ago.

There were so many damn people backstage. I’m honestly too lazy to scroll for the tweets so you’re only getting IGs. 24Hrs, KYLE, SuperDuperBrick, Tech N9ne. Phora brought out Hopsin so that was tight. There was a moment where Lil Jon asked where my drink was and I said I don’t drink and he goes “I can’t hang out with you.” It made me hella sad tbh. It was in front of everybody.

Tinashe is bae.

Lil Dicky is just an amazing human being.

Took breaks between the Hennessy Lounge and hiding in the production room. There was a moment where this dude HELLA pissed me off. On some music industry bullshit. Literally my biggest pet peeve in the whole entire world, and I let it get to me. I need to work on that: not letting rude people fuck up my energy.

Proudly snuck on stage for Miguel and DJ Felli Fel’s set. Shout out to Junior, he’s the realist.

Felli brought out O.T. Genasis first, then Ty Dolla $ign who brought out Joe Moses. They played “Main Chick” and “Blase” which always gets the crowd hyped.

What up, Too Short! Lil Jon brought him out. They played all the throwbacks.

The Ambassador of the Bay. E-40, you are a legend.

I was gonna try to speak with Pharrell, but decided to just capture this epic moment instead.

I literally was about to ask Nipsey Hussle to unblock me, but decided to keep things professional lmao. Was so close though. That was my moment. Another was seeing Jaden Smith again backstage. Another is how lit the cafeteria was and how much people were thirsting over a meal ticket. These things were GOLD. And before I forget, I have to include this tragic moment. I created two amazing to-go boxes, which got thrown out. I was actually devasted. I ended up leaving after that lmao.





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