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Janine’s ’99’ Album Release Party Takes Over El Cid In Silverlake

May 22, 2018

Monday, May 21st

Happy Monday! Happy birthday Biggie.

After work, I mobbed to Weho to catch Jussie Smollett from Empire. First off, I’ve never seen people line up this early for a show at The Roxy. It was like 6:30pm. It was still daylight out. That just goes to show how poppin’ he is. He’s got FANS. It was so cute! They were literally lined up. I was so honored to be able to link with him. Shout out to Justice for always being the biggest sweetheart. Jussie is from Cali, which made this drop even more special. He said he grew up listening to Power.

Shout out to Noor for helping me get creative on what we could do with him on socials. I literally wrote these questions in my car on my notepad beforehand and it turned out really dope. First question was what his favorite Biggie song was, which he answered correctly with “Juicy.” The second was if he’s ever gone out with someone who slid in his DM’s. Btw, Jussie is so cute. But he’s not straight lmao.

Next up was Janine‘s release party for her debut album, 99. Huge thanks to Jessica for the invite! Janine is an angel. She is phenomenal singer signed to Atlantic Records and I was looking forward to see what she is all about. There’s nothing like discovering an artist than seeing them perform IRL. The event took place at El Cid in Silverlake, which is actually a venue I’ve been wanting to check out. If you know me, you know I’m a venues girl. This turned out to be the cutest little spot with an outdoor bar and back patio to hang. The invite read “FREE FOOD + OPEN BAR” in bold and highlighted, here for it.

This was a vibe the second I walk inside. It literally went from 0 to 100, everyone came out to support! Everyone was friendly and open to chatting. Most music industry events in LA are stale, so this was a breath of fresh air. The details were so spot-on, from the drink menu full of Janine’s songs to her very own homemade hot sauce up for grabs everywhere you turned to the vegan appetizers served on fancy platters. Someone informed me Janine is vegan, which is the reason for that. Fire.

When Janine finally showed face, everyone flocked to the front where she posted with her drummer and keyboard player. She admitted she was nervous beforehand even though she’s done plenty of shows in the past. She also gave the disclaimer that the venue had a sound restraint so she couldn’t go too hard. We were outdoors, but I imagine the neighbors are used to it by now. She had on this black ensemble with platforms to match. As soon as she started singing, we were all mesmerized. She sang cuts off 99, which include “Too Late”. There was a guy in the front singing all the lyrics along with her, it was the cutest thing. You could just tell how much that record means to him.

I was going to try to make it to Ne-Yo’s talk at the Grammy Museum but realized when I got to my car it was a lost cause lmao. Worth it though. <3

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