Donald Glover Landed His Dream Role In Solo: A Star Wars Story

May 27, 2018

Saturday, May 26th

Happy Saturday! I literally had to do so much today, but Sophia Black made it better. I love when I interview artists and they just brighten my day. If you get a chance, peep “Real Shit” featuring KYLE. Issa vibe.

Also tried to run today and this is what happened. Smh. Need to get back in shape.

I am YOLOing so hard. Two movies in a row. Saw Book Club last night and loved it. Today, after spending hours in the Genius Bar at the Americana and being so frustrated I almost cried, I had to escape. Shout out to Duncan for accompanying me! We hit Solo: A Star Wars Story at 7:30pm at Regal L.A. Live. Honest to God, I usually could give a fuck less about Star Wars. Then I found out Donald Glover was in it so I was sold.

IMDB plot: During an adventure into the criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future copilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion.

Honestly, shout out to Duncan for explaining everything to me lmao. This is the prequel to the Han Solo series (I think). I typically zone out in all these sci-fi/fantasy films, but this one I liked. I actually paid attention and followed. There’s action throughout the whole movie and it actually gets REALLY good at the end. Hella plot twists. Donald is definitely a huge part of why I came, and I found out this was his dream role! He grew up watching Lando Calrissian in these films, and always dreamed of playing this role. And now he is. Fucking inspiring.

The film is 2 hours and 15 minutes which isn’t terrible, but I’d prefer it under 2 hours. It got like 67% I think, which I’m not sure why it was so low. I thought it was good. Obviously, if you had to pick, go see Deadpool 2. But otherwise, this didn’t disappoint at all.

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