Slidin’ Thru: Bay Swag

May 29, 2018

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At 18 years old, Bay Swag is already doing most rappers dream of. Opening for 15-year-old Smooky MarGielaa at one of Los Angeles’ most popular venues, The Roxy, is one. Contrary to the name, Bay Swag isn’t from the bay, but comes equipped with the same grindmode mentality as a baydestrian. Read more…

In the midst of his teenage years, Bay Swag had to deal with his father being sentenced to 85 years behind bars. This left Bay Swag to step up and become the man of the household, doing what was needed to survive. With his first official single, “Saucin,” Bay Swag recounts those real-life struggles and experiences. The accompanying visual sees cameos from Diddy’s sons, Justin and Christian Combs.

For those who don’t know, who is Bay Swag?

Bay Swag is a young talented, intelligent, swaggy, fly artist from Queens.

How would you describe your sound?

I don’t really have one sound. I’m versatile. I can do it all. You want turnt, I can give you turnt. You want the real rap, I can give you the real rap. I can do it all.

How does being from New York play into your music?

it doesn’t really play into my music like that. People say I sound like I’m from Atlanta.

How important is it to come to LA as an up and coming artist?

I ain’t gonna lie, it’s lit. ‘Cause you around all the big mansions, all the famous people. It motivates you. You walking past the mansions like, “I’ma get that one day!” It’s like motivation.

Your video for “Saucin” is extremely personal, what do you want fans to get from your story?

I just want them to understand what I’m going through. Don’t ever stop rapping, Keep chasing your dreams and eventually, it’s going to come true one day.

Has your dad seen it?

Yeah, he’s seen it. He’s going crazy. You know he’s locked up right now? But he seen it in there on the phone. So it’s crazy. It’s dope.

You’re only 18, talk about experiencing so much at a young age…

It’s crazy. Me and my mom talk about that every day. It’s like, as I get older, I don’t even know what I’m going to do for my birthday. ‘Cause I’ve done everything already. It’s crazy.

How do you plan on using your platform to make a difference?

I’ll use my platform to make a difference by keep working. Just keep dropping that fire. When I come in the game, I’ma change the game. I got the new wave — the sound that nobody don’t got right now. So I feel like its gonna be special.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

On a yacht! With my gang. Counting a lot of money.

With Lil Yachty?

Yeah, shout out Lil Yachty too.

What’s a normal day in the life of Bay Swag?

Wake up. Count my money. Go to the mall. See the honeys. [laughs]. Shop. Having fun and living life.

What would you be doing if you weren’t rapping?

“There was no way, so I had to start rapping. Daddy got locked while my daddy was trappin’.” I don’t know what I’d be doing though. I honestly don’t know. That’s why I had to figure out something. Facts. Take care of my family. Get them out the hood. Get my dad outta jail. The money gotta come from somewhere.

What’s the best encounter you’ve had with a fan?

[pause] It was with a girl, but we ain’t gonna get into all that.

Who’s the most played artist on your phone?

Bay Swag. Swoosh God. Smooky MarGielaa. Christian Combs. Gang

How’d you link with Smooky?

This was like five years ago, in the studio.

When he was 10?!

He was like 11 or 12. Nah, like three years ago. We was at Quad Studios.


In New York. Have you been?

No, but I want to move there.

New York is lit! My mans PJ brought ‘em through and we did a song.

Dream collaboration?

Jay-Z, ‘cause he from New York. I feel like he got that boss cloth talk. I would love to work with Jay-Z in the future.

Anything else you want to let Young California know?

I just dropped my new video, “Saucin.” Billboard premiered it. We just turning up, man. Swag!

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