03 Greedo Proposes to His Girl Onstage at His Last Show Before Prison

June 28, 2018

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The dreaded day finally arrived. One of Los Angeles’ most loved, most listened to rappers took to the stage for the last time before turning himself in. The poignancy of the situation was impossible to ignore, with 03 Greedo facing a 20-year sentence and the prospect of leaving behind a daughter and a soon-to-be fiancée.

As reported by Pitchfork, 03 Greedo was charged with “possession of more than 400 grams of methamphetamine and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon” in 2016.

I had confirmed time to speak with 03 Greedo prior to his show at the Belasco Theatre in DTLA, and was anxious to get his last words on his last night of freedom. When 11:45 p.m. rolled around, I quickly realized that was not going to happen. I get it. Shit, I wouldn’t want to talk to a media outlet either. Twenty years? That’s a big portion of your life.

I also got word that he was a mess earlier, so I could only imagine his mental state as he walked inside his Farewell to a Real One show. After a public disclaimer that he needed to chill out for a sec, he poured himself some Hennessy and greeted his people. His home team was out to support in force.

His last post on Instagram indicated he was opening the show for everybody to pull up, no tickets needed. “It’s my last show in my city. If you from this motherfucka, pull up. If you ever fucking with me, pull up. I’ma try to make sure everybody get in … we finna go crazy tonight.”

Backstage was a movie in itself, as Hit-Boy, Jay 305, Shoreline Mafia and even Travis Barker (Blink-182) pulled up. Drinks were poured, blunts were rolled, and the Watts native could not wait to get onstage to perform.

The energy was unmatched, as always. In fact, his last show sold so many tickets at the Roxy that he had to move it to the El Rey. And even that sold out. History went down at the Belasco. As promised, 03 Greedo performed cuts off his classic albums, including “Money Changes Everything” and “Purple Summer 3,” but it was the fandom in the room that I could not get over. The crowd knew every word to every song.

03 Greedo represents the projects. The ’hood. The reality of the struggle, and the beauty of the come-up.

“If you are going to jail or know of somebody that will be going to jail — or any other trying time — I need you to do two things: Never fold or never bend,” he said, leading into an explosive performance of “Never Bend.”

As the show went on, he intro’ed each song with a little reminder that he was going to serve time. As he performed one of his most romantic songs to date, “Like a Ni**a,” he summoned his lady to the front of the stage. Next thing you know, he’s on his knees. Greedo just proposed to his girl, and all his fans were there to share that moment with him. She said yes.

This is what it’s all about: love. At the end of the day, 03 Greedo is simply trying to make something of his life and fulfill his dreams of being a rapper. Fans can expect his new project, God Level, to hit all major streaming platforms soon.

But for now … Farewell to a Real One.

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