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July 2, 2018

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Prof is here to put all hip-hop entertainers to the dust. Hailing from Minneapolis, the singer, songwriter and rapper is best known for his show-stopping live performances. This is matched with his quirky, one-of-a-kind personality that fans can’t help but gravitate towards. It’s his high-risk, no fear mentality and persona that influences the people to live life to the fullest. Read more…

Signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment, real name Jacob Anderson proves he’s one of the coldest spitters from his city in Minnesota. Now, on the heels of his most recent project, Pookie Baby, Prof does it again. After countless injuries and surgeries to show for his efforts on stage, he returns to The Roxy in West Hollywood or yet another evening for the books.

How would you describe Prof?
I guess the proof’s in the pudding. You’re going to have to listen to the music. I guess the music is kind of all over the board. I’m pretty good at party, turn up shit. That crazy shit. But then I also can do really lowkey, down and dirty, introspective, thoughtful singing songs too. High energy stuff. I hope the music is good. It’s good because it’s spreading, so I know it’s pretty decent at least. And I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Underground rapper.

How does being from Minneapolis play into your life and music?
I don’t know. Everything is just so global now, that my biggest influences growing up were like Goodie Mob, Van Morrison, Ray Charles, or fucking anybody. I think that whole do-it-yourself attitude is very “Minnesotant,” because there’s no fucking huge labels out there. So we’re like, “Shit, we’ll just do it ourselves.” That whole attitude and all my guys in my camp here, that’s a very Minnesotant thing. That Minneapolis attitude.

It’s interesting, I know so many rappers from Minnesota. Lexii Alijai, FREEWIFI…
There’s so, so many. Everybody’s from there. It’s not really that small of a town. Compared to LA, it’s small. But it’s a bustling ass city. And there’s a lot of fucking rappers out of there. As far as professional rappers, no one’s really ballin’ out of control and millionaires on the radio, but rappers who can pay their bills and can get an apartment or house off of just rap. There might be more in Minneapolis than any city in the country, for real. Even more than LA or New York.

How important is it to come to LA as an up and coming artist?
I don’t know. Maybe if I got famous in other places, it wouldn’t be important. But for me, it’s important because I love this city. I like to come out here and tour. I love the weather. I think everything is just a little bit more heightened. Even the shows I put on are more show biz. After my show yesterday, everybody’s backstage. Everybody’s important. I’m like, “Oh shit.” Everything’s just connected and moving around.

The Roxy is tiny too!
A lot of important people and shit. Everybody does something. It’s just a show business. To be good at music and to develop a buzz in LA where show business happens, that can do a lot for you. I’s definitely one of those cities that you look at and you’re like, “I gotta beat this. I gotta pop in this city.” LA is important. New York is important too.

Talk about The Pookie Baby Tour. For fans who haven’t been, what can they expect from one of your live performances?
Oh my god, look at my legs! I’m fucking beat up. I’m jumping in the crowd and shit. It’s super high energy, super low energy. The dynamics are crazy. I think I’m one of the best performers in the world.

That’s a statement!
It is, but I think it’s kind of true. And there’s Cashinova, he’s on the tour with us. He’s out here with me hustling. But yeah, expect it to be high energy and interactive.

How do you a) survive these injuries and b) bounce back from them?
Surgery and rehab. [shows scars on knees and back] I get injured at shows, just slowly getting beat up and shit. But I feel good. I mean, maybe it’s just accidents happen.

I feel like if I had surgery, I’d be scared to get back out there a little bit.
Nah. I’ve been an athlete my whole life. I love to play basketball, football, snowboarding skateboarding, I do all that shit. That’s also a part of who I am. I’ll go out west in a mountain. I’ll snowboard 60 fucking miles per hour through some trees and shit. I’m just a junkie. I live for it. These are athletic injuries too, not just necessarily from the shows. Just work hard and get better.

The press release said, “Listen to Pookie Baby responsibly.” Can you expand on this?
It’s kind of more sophisticated. It’s like when someone says “enjoy this liquor responsibly.” Pookie Baby is a little bit older and more responsible than the previous records I’ve put it out, like Liability and shit. It’s a little bit more of a grown and sexy feel to it.

What is it that you want fans to get from your story?
Whatever they need. I want them to get what they need. One of my favorite things is after shows, I’ve heard people being like “Hey. I was gonna kill myself. And I heard this song and it completely turned me around.” Or “you saved my life through this divorce.” Anything like that. That’s super special to me. That really keeps me going. But if they need it to even just let loose — and they got problems and they just want to party — if a song does that for you too, that’s good. I just hope they get what they need.

You’re visual for “No” is super cinematic and also powerful. Can you talk about your own experiences with drinking and partying?
Yeah, it’s kind of like saying no to these fucking things. I’ve been on the road a lot, and I’ve done a lot of after parties. And a lot of them fucking suck. And it’s just people cornering me at a keg. And I’m just like this isn’t fun anymore, you know? So that’s me being like, “Fuck that, no. I’m not gonna come to your after party.” I don’t have to go to an after party every single show.

I’m at the level where I have fans and I don’t need to love and connect with every single person, because that’s how I came up in the underground rap shit. I came up shaking hands and making friends. So now I’m at the level where I just have fans and I can actually say no to a couple things, and it feels good as fuck.

I love that. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Shit, I think I’ll be at a level where I’m touring still. I’d like to be touring for the rest of my life. I don’t want to retire early or anything like that. I think I’ll be playing big ass rooms, big venue-cap rooms. I want to be headlining Red Rocks and shit like that. I think I’m on my way there.

What’s a normal day in the life? Walk us through.
Well there’s two lives: tour life and home life. Tour life, a normal day is get up, no sleep shower, jump in a fucking vehicle, spend a whole day in there, unload, unpack, tons of things. It’s a production. It’s a traveling fucking circus. Perform, drink, go to bed, get up. I don’t know my room numbers at my hotels. We write them down with sharpies, what room we’re in. Because we just forget.

Every single city, every week. “Oh, which way’s the elevator again?” I don’t know. I don’t know how to get out of hotel rooms. I don’t know how to get out of here. It’s just a blur. It’s just super fast.

That’s crazy. What about a normal day?
At the crib, I like to wake up when I want, which is a blessing in my fucking career. I like to drink coffee, walk my dog, work out, make music.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music?
I don’t know. That’s kind of scary to think about, because I was getting into a lot of trouble and shit. The music kind of kept me busy and out of trouble. I was getting arrested and stuff. I was doing illegal shit. I was fighting and shit. I’d like to think I’m smart enough to not be like “end up in jail or dead.” I’d find something to do. I’m an artist. I like to paint and shit. So I’d probably be doing visual arts, painting, probably graphic design or something like that.

Who’s the most played artist on your phone?
Me. Besides me, probably Ray Charles or Louis Armstrong.

Dream collab?
Jay Z. That’s such an easy thing to say, but I think he’s number one of all time.

Is there anything else you want us to know?
Listen to the music. Love yourself. When you wake up in the morning, drink a tall glass of water every single morning. And then give five things you’re grateful for right when you wake up, first thing. [snaps fingers] That will improve your life.

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