Left Brain To Have Goat Yoga At Album Release Party In L.A.

July 12, 2018

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The Odd Future member is hosting an eclectic event to promote his new album “Mind Gone Vol. 2.”

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) If you reside in Los Angeles and you love hip-hop, you recognize and respect the Odd Future movement for what it is.

In addition to Tyler, The Creator’s wild antics, Left Brain serves as a prominent member of the clan, formerly one half of MellowHype with Hodgy Beats.

On July 4th, the Los Angeles native dropped a brand new visual for “Beatin Down The Block” featuring LDog, marking the return of his efforts behind the mic.

Now, his new compilation album, Mind Gone Vol. 2, arrives just in time for the weekend.

Mind Gone, Vol. 2: Gone, Never Forgotten by Left Brain

“I want the fans to know we’ve been working, and they can go back, look, and listen, to Vol.1 for free,” Left Brain told AllHipHop. “There’s not really a concept or story to the album. And it’s not all my production, it’s just a bunch of different types of music.

“We’ve got some features — just like a little compilation album with some cool people that we know. We all put it together, with no type of industry or bullshit,” Left Brain told AllHipHop.

To celebrate, Left will be throwing an epic album release party at El Jardin in Hollywood.

What’s on the menu? Goat yoga.

“We’ve got some wild… it’s going to be like the Barnum Bailey Circus. We’ve got goats pulling up, a petting zoo, goat yoga. Have you heard of that?” Left Brain said.

He added: “You just do your plain yoga, but you put the goat on your back. You know how goats really stand still? They’re really social, too. They like to get petted. We’ve got the little drink menu. It’s going to be fun. It’s just a party. We’re going to play the album. Not all night like on repeat, but we’re gonna play the album at the beginning of the night and at the end of the night.”

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